By Ken MacLeod, WBZ-TVBy Ken MacLeod

BOSTON (CBS) – A young Boston Woman needs help now.

Sonia Rai was diagnosed with leukemia only three weeks ago, and time is already running out.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports.

To find out how you can help Sonia, visit her Facebook page.

Ken MacLeod

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  1. Hoang Nguyen says:

    I wanted to test my dna for Sonia but I am 3 pregnant it is ok to do it and i don’t know where to go for dna test

    1. Kamini Rai Cormier says:

      Thanks Hoang.

      If you are pregnant you may register for the Be The Match Registry. However, you must be temporarily deferred until you are fully recovered from the delivery or c-section. Blood-forming cells cannot be collected at any time during pregnancy.

      You can also consider donating cord blood at time of delivery – please see for more info. Thanks.

    2. Claudia Snell says:

      They have a Facebook page with lots of Donor Registration dates and information posted:

    3. Brianna says:

      You can register and be tested but you can’t be a donor until you’re fully recovered from delivery.

  2. Susan M says:

    Must the doner be South Asian to be a match? I am of European descent. Should I bother with this? I would like to help if possible.

    1. Al says:

      The most likely match for Sonia will be another person of South Asian decent. However, I still urge you to join the registry. You could have the opportunity to save someone else’s life.

      1. LeukSurvivor says:

        I am a south asian and my match was a caucasian women. Had a transplant done about 16yrs ago for leukemia as well…so bottom line…we never who will match who…the more people we have…the better it will be!

        I want to sincerely thank everyone who is willing to register, as my life has been given back to me because some did.

  3. frank hassett says:

    my wife died from AML leukemia in 1994. there is a new drug in trial which looks hopeful. 5 sites in USA are conducting this trial. 4 of these are now recruiting volunteers. check website

  4. sindhu zachariah says:

    Praise the lord! Dear Sonia,Trust in Jesus christ.He is the only one who can help you.Myself and my husband will surely pray for you and your family.My husband is also a victim of the same disease,for past ten years.He is still alive and working in UAE, due to the mercy of my lord Jesus.Don’t loose hope,we are their to help and give you spiritual support.Sindhu

    1. Brianna says:

      The prayers are nice but saying that only Jesus can help is inaccurate and not helpful. A donor can help.

      1. Bob says:

        Ultimately only Jesus can help. Her statement is indeed accurate and highly helpful. I too am praying.

  5. John Gilmore says:

    We are running a drive for my wife at an Asian Community Church this Sunday. Hopefully, there will be a match for you also. Details at:

  6. Jenny says:

    The Icla da Silva Foundation is the largest recruitment center for the Be The Match Registry in the United States. It recruits an average of 38,000 new potential bone marrow donors every year, with a strong focus on minority communities.

    If you will like to host a bone marrow drive to help any patient in need, contact or call 347-219-0640

  7. purnima says:

    Giloy root will help you within 3 days of taking it..

  8. Pawan Jain says:

    Is there an upper age limit for registering?

  9. anjali says:

    I am from India and already registered donor at some other site. will my DNA be available for testing? I have already given the cheek swab. were can I give the swab in Los Angeles?

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