BOSTON (CBS) – Just thought that I would take a look at some numbers when it comes to the Patriots and their 14-2 record.

The first place I decided to go was their record against all the other teams that got into the playoffs.

And, these numbers absolutely blew me away:

#1 Patriots    6-1

#2 Pittsburgh  2-4

#3 Indy    1-2

#4 KC   1-1

#5 Baltimore 3-3

#6 NY Jets  2-4

The Patriots split with the Jets, losing in Week 2, but then rebounded big time on December 6th 45-3. The Pats also took out Baltimore (23-20 OT), Pittsburgh (39-26), Indy (31-28), Chicago (36-7), and Green Bay (31-27).

New England was 2-1 on the road and 4-0 at home.

The Steelers took out Atlanta and Baltimore, but fell to the Patriots, Jets, New Orleans, and the Ravens (split).

The Colts topped Kansas City in Week five, but lost to the Patriots and Philadelphia. Incredible that those are the only playoff teams that Peyton Manning and company faced.

Kansas City’s story is even more incredible. The Chiefs lost to the Colts and their lone win came against Seattle. 7-9 Seattle!

Baltimore fared as well as anybody beating Pittsburgh once, the Jets, and New Orleans. The Ravens fell to the Steelers once, the Patriots, and Atlanta.

Meanwhile, the Jets topped the Pats in Week Two and Pittsburgh in Week 15, but lost to the Pats, Baltimore, Green Bay, and Chicago.

On paper, it clearly looks like the five and six seeds are the more dangerous teams in the AFC (and maybe NFC too).

It also shows just how special this New England team was during the regular season.


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