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FOXBORO (CBS) — The Highs:

The Pats start the third quarter on offense and they score.

Big play was Brady to Brandon Tate for 40 yards. All Tate on that one. He spun out of a tackle and took off. Brady to Crumpler to finish it off.

Dolphins first possession of the quarter and Vince Wilfork dominates. 2 sacks on the set of downs. Pats force the Dolphins to punt.

Hoyer in on Pats second possession of the quarter and he hits on a scoring drive. Big play has Brandon Tate in it again. Hoyer to Tate on a 42 yards touchdown pass. Pats keep rolling.

The Lows:

Tom Brady is still in. Not happy about that.


The Highs:

Defense playing hard right from jump. Mayo and Moore with pressure and a sack to stall the Dolphins drive.

On the Pats first possession of the quarter, Green-Ellis picked up a blitz that could have flattened Brady.

Tom Brady comes out of the game after getting a first down. He is healthy and all is well.

Pats defense comes up big again. Eric Moore is a beast, he caused a fumble, Ninkovich recovers. Pats ball

Pats get another score. Couple of passes to Gronkowski. Not the best looking drive but Shayne Graham with a 28 yard field goal to close it out.

Dolphins punt and Julian Edelman returns it 94 yards for a touchdown. That’s the longest punt return in Patriots history.

The Lows:

Pats defense goes 3 and out on their first possession of the quarter.

Brian Hoyer is in and he looks like a back-up. He needs these reps. A little messy to start.

Coach took a time out and Tom came back in. Not sure what’s up Tom runs the play almost gets sacked. That sequence was a mess.


The Highs:

Dolphins get the ball first and the Pats defense does work. Great tackle by Mayo and great pressure by Kyle Love. It ends with an interception by Devin McCourty his 7th on the season.

The Pats offense gets the ball and finishes the deal. Good runs by Green-Ellis and Woodhead. The drive ends with a touchdown, Brady to Gronkowski. That’s Rob’s 10th and that’s a Patriots rookie record.

Dolphins second possession and the Pats force them into a 3 and out. Eric Moore and Vince Wilfork with good run stopping plays.

The Pats turnover does not hurt them. The defense shuts the Dolphins out and the Miami kicker missed a 40 yard field goal.

Pats get the ball for their third possession of the quarter and score. Julian Edelman with the bulk of the damage. 2 passing plays, one for 22 yards and the other for 40 yards. Green-Ellis takes it in from the one.

The Lows:

Danny Woodhead fumbled the ball on the Pats second possession. Dolphins recover. That’s the first Pats turnover since the Cleveland game.

Danny Woodhead, shaken up. They are giving him the concussion test on the sideline.


Here are the Patriot players that are inactive for today’s game against the Dolphins.

WR Wes Welker
WR Deion Branch
OLB Tully Banta-Cain
DL Brandon Deaderick
OL Dan Connolly
DL Ron Brace
DL Mike Wright
TE Aaron Hernandez

Good to see Wes and Deion get a break.

Brandon Tate, Taylor Price and Julian Edelman will get some run and that will be great to see.

If and when Ben Jarvus gets the 72 rushing yards to reach a thousand, it will be great then to see Fred Taylor get some play.

Also watch for Rob Gronkowski to catch his tenth touchdown of the season.

  1. Al says:

    WHY can we not get the Patriots game on wbzfm.com

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