WOBURN (AP) — Hundreds of police officers from around the state are expected to attend services for a Veteran Woburn police officer who was fatally shot during a department store robbery.

(credit: Bernice Corpuz, WBZ News Radio)

A wake for John Maguire is scheduled Thursday at the Dello Russo Funeral Home in Woburn with a planned uniformed law enforcement “walk-by” set to begin around 2 p.m. A funeral is planned Friday.

Authorities say career criminal Dominic Cinelli killed Maguire on Sunday during a Kohl’s department store robbery.

The 60-year-old father of three was nearing retirement. The 57-year-old Cinelli was also shot and killed.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

The Massachusetts Parole Board has come under fire for allowing Cinelli to go free in 2009 even though he was serving three concurrent life sentences.

Gov. Deval Patrick has ordered a review of the board’s decision.

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  1. Carlee Goldsboro-Tyler says:

    I was appalled at the fact that someone serving 3 life sentences was able to be paroled. My first thought was that if this man was a minority he would never have been paroled. And the officer that lost his life would still be alive.
    This country has not been shown itself since Dr. Martin Luther let everyone know what was happening to minority people. Although we have internet, TV and other technology that connects us there is still to much racism in this country furthermore it’s costly, and not just financially.
    Look how costly this was for a family.

    1. USA says:

      Stop pulling the race card. This is part of the problem with this country.
      We live in this country to make it good not worse. Do what you can for the USA.
      Do not come come here and be critical of our values. This man should not have been put back on the street, that is clear. We treat all criminals too good regardless of race.
      Perhaps we should do what they do in other counties. Hang them public?

  2. Tracy C. says:

    I Live in Woburn around the corner from the funeral, and hearing all of the helicopters over head is making me ill! Show this poor policeman and his family and fellow officers the respect that they deserve!! Vultures!

  3. John E Watters says:

    I didn’t know Jack Maguire,even though he was a neighbor of mine,living down the end of the street, everything I hear about him is what a great guy he was.Just by looking at the picture of him, a person can tell by his smile.I can’t even imagine what his family is feeling right now,but want them to know my prayers are with you.If there is anything I can do,please let me know.John Watters 5 Marie Dr.

  4. cynic says:

    What is the difference between Consecutive and Concurrent life sentences?

  5. tu3031 says:

    Consecutive means you serve one sentence out and then start serving the next one. Concurrent means the time served is credited to all sentences against you at the same time. That makes no sense of course, but that’s the difference.

  6. emom says:

    there is a serious flaw in our system,, to allow a POS like htis guy out is beyond belief,,
    I feel sad for the family and hope they can get some peace.

  7. Ellen says:

    My prayers go out to the Maguire family, and may God grant Jack Maguire a beautiful after life.

  8. Gerald Dente says:

    Gerald Dente

    My heart goes out to the Maguire family. I am absolutely appalled that this creep was paroled. People read articles like these and see a rap sheet of 71 charges including armed robbery, assault with intent to murder, gun charges and escapes but it doesn’t really mean much to most people. Well my name is Gerald Dente and it means everything to me. In the early 80′s, I was the proud owner of Gerald’s Jewelers located in Medford Ma. This creep robbed my store at gun point. I was uninsured and lost over 100,000.00 in personal and consigned jewelry. I was sued by many customers who also lost jewelry in my possession. My business was ruined, all I worked for was gone and I was thousands of dollars in debt. This was a life changing event and my only consolation was that the DA promised me that this creep would rot in jail until the day he died. My sister-in-law and a close friend were there that day and the trauma haunts them to this day. I was not in that morning. Had I been, I very likely could have been killed because it is not my nature to comply. Before he robbed me Cinelli shot a guard at another jewelry heist.
    The parole of this creep is the ultimate insult to me and my family and the loss of officer Maguire is a direct result of the poor judgment of the State.
    Again, my sincerest condolences to the Maguire family.

  9. Richard Merrigan says:

    What is the Kohl’s department stores doing for the family? After all this man gave his life to save some cubic zirkonia for Kohl’s

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