BOSTON (CBS) — One Tuesday, new mom Lisa Nickowal was able to hold her baby for the first time since a scare on Sunday.

“Look at you good boy! I’m so happy I’m finally here and I get to see him,” she said.

Michael is just nine days old, but already he has his parents worried sick. Born a week early, he was jaundice and then a dangerous infection hit over the weekend.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports.

“And on Christmas he started not to look like himself,” said Nickowal.

Pam Hallahan is a nurse at Children’s Floating Hospital at Tufts Medical Center and she got the call Sunday night that Michael needed a pick up.

Problem was, he was at Falmouth Hospital on Cape Cod and the storm was coming.

“I didn’t give it a second thought. Someone needed help and I went,” said Hallahan.

Ambulance driver Colin Ryle was behind the wheel.

“Visibility was 15 to 20 feet; the wind was whipping the ambulance side to side,” he said.

And the more they drove, the worse it got.

“I was a little nervous. I’m not gonna lie,” said Ryle.

After several hours on the road they got to Michael. And then thanks to the State Police and a personal snow plow escort, the crew and baby finally made it back to Boston.

“That’s amazing all those people pulled together to do that for my little guy,” said mom.

A heroic rescue that has finally put this mother at peace.

“Finally I can relax, I’m here with him and it’s all gonna be good.”

They hope to bring Michael home soon.

Kate Merrill

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  1. Disgusted says:

    Is this the same Lisa Nickowal that was busted twice on the Vineyard in 2008 for reckless driving and an OUI? Probably better that she didn’t drive herself this time and opted for the ambulance. But, real question is, who cares? This is not news and you probably could have spent a little more effort on covering the officer shot to death in Woburn.

  2. JC says:

    I would like to just say that there is no such thing as an Ambulance Driver. An Ambulance is NOT a taxi! And by wording this the way this new station and many others do, it puts the idea into people’s mind that we are a taxi service. We are certified through the state as an Emergency Medical Technician. That is our job title. NOT Ambulance driver. I understand you are driving the point across that he as the person who drove did a great job, but please word it different. It’s almost an insult.

  3. George says:

    This was a critical care-level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit transport… not a taxi ride. The safety of the entire crew on these transports is paramount, and the driver’s sole priority.

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