BOSTON (CBS) — It’s been more than a day since the blizzard ended, and still New York City is paralyzed by the snow. Cars are stuck, buses are stuck, and there’s no end in sight.

Jon Keller takes a look at the situation.

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  1. Patricia L. says:

    Would your career survive the story of your “dry-eye” response to NYC’s snow removal plight if it happened in Mass., and some of our residentshad died or were seriously injured? I laughed at your story last night, but today read of the stroke victim suffering advanced brain damage, and the Mom whose unborn baby died because ambulances couldn;t reach them in time. 200 ambulances failed to reach their victims because of snow removal problems. The story isn’t funny to me now. Perhaps it’s time to take a pass on easy laughs until we consider their effect on others’ lives (even if they’re Yankees’ fans). Charity begins at home, and it seems that there is so much less of it, and compassion for others, in these selfish days.

  2. Jon Keller says:

    I agree, Patricia, the anecdotes you relate cast the saga of Bloomberg’s ineptitude in an entirely different light. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Tracy Goldberg says:

    Was there really have nothing better to report on last night? As a former MA resident and current New Yorker, I was disgusted with your petty story and cheap laughs you and your anchors made about snow removal in NYC. The idea that snow removal in NYC might compare to that in Boston is ridiculous. Have you ever visited? Believe it or not, life in NYC is not just about a Red Sox, Yankee rivalry.

    I know during future visits to MA, I won’t be watching your news cast.

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