By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

LEOMINSTER (CBS) — A Fitchburg High school freshman is hospitalized with a concussion and other injuries Wednesday following post-game fight at Leominster high.

It happened Tuesday night when the two schools’ basketball teams met to play at Leominster’s gym.

Police say after the game as fans were leaving the gym the freshman victim, who is also on the team, bumped into a woman. After some heated words were exchanged, someone in the woman’s family allegedly punched the freshman in the face.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports.

The victim also hit his head on the wall.

The suspect is also believed to be from Fitchburg High School.

Police at the scene immediately called for large amounts of backup. Every on-duty officer in Leominster responded, along with officers from Fitchburg and the state police.

Initial reports suggested the situation was out of control with 300 to 400 people potentially engaged in a massive fight.

On Wednesday, Leominster’s mayor backed off those earlier statements. He said he was glad police called for such extensive backup even though the situation was not as bad as initially feared.

Comments (3)
  1. OldTimer says:

    Fitchburg……I remember in the 50’s the Boston Navy Yard would have their annual ouitings at a park there, can’t think of it’s name but it was fun and beautiful there.

  2. come on says:

    coggshall park?

  3. Val says:

    I notice that Leominster often manages to keep it’s name from being associated with bad publicity. How is that? The fight took place at Leominster High School, yet the negative connotation goes to Fitchburg. According to the article the victim and alleged culprit are both from Fitchburg. Why not the title :Fight Breaks Out At Leominster High Basketball Game? After all, that is WHERE the fight happened.