By Carl Stevens

Every member of the state’s congressional delegation supports the “Dream Act”, except for Senator Scott Brown. Many local immigrants hope to change the Senator’s mind. WBZ News Radio’s Carl Stevens spoke with one of them, twenty one year old Ada Fuentes, from East Boston.

Comments (2)
  1. Albert Shea says:

    kick out all illegals,so my relatives who waited 7yrs in line legally can get in.who the hell are these illegals telling us how to run OUR country

  2. Anthony Riordan says:

    Obama made one Promise that he stated would be the greatest strength of his term, he would create a force as strong and well equipped as the military! In his dream act, as they prepare for martial law, 1 million new soldiers will be created from the dream act. The dream act does a fabulous thing for the communists, it immediately creates a military 1 million men strong, while our real army remains over seas. The now home grown army will do one thing an American army will not, they will shoot and ignore the constitution. You are not voting for illegals to steal more money, your voting for an Army that will have no problem killing leftwing or rightwing that don’t follow the communist future. Just read you fools before you destroy whats left of our once proud country of legal immigrants that built this nation with hard work, not free access to tax money they will never have to pay…..

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