BOSTON (CBS) — Massport is being asked to look at landing patterns at Logan Airport, and how they may relate to the discovery of a teenager’s body in Milton last week. It’s part of an investigation into the remote possibility that the North Carolina teen may have fallen from a plane.

Delvonte Tisdale, a 16-year-old ROTC student from Charlotte, NC, was reported missing last week. His mangled body was found on Brierbrook Street.

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According to Massport spokesman Phil Orlandella, Massport head Tom Kinton asked employees to look into what planes may have been flying over the area the night Tisdale was found. The area is within the approach path for runway 4R at Logan. Orlandella did not say who asked Kinton for the information.

There was a flight from Charlotte that did land in Boston around the same time Tisdale’s body was found. The flight landed at 9:55 p.m. Tisdale’s body was found around 9:30 p.m.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.

The FAA would not comment on investigation. They would only release the following statement: “This office has received no request from Massport or police to assist with the investigation. Nothing has changed from our perspective.

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“If they want it (flight data information) we will do it and give them the information.”

The Norfolk District Attorney’s office would not talk directly about the Massport investigation, saying only that they are “investigating every possibility regarding how Delvonte Tisdale came to be found dead on Brierbrook Street.”

The key evidence in identifying Tisdale’s body proved to be a note found in his pocket. The school hall pass had a name appearing to read ‘Delonte Tisdale’ scrawled on it. No student by that name lived in Milton or nearby Boston.

Detectives were finally able to identify Tisdale by matching fingerprints. An autopsy found no obvious sign of stab or gunshot wounds, and did not establish a cause of death.

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Tisdale was a high school sophomore at North Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte.