BOSTON (CBS) — The day before Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year. This year is expected to be no different. And at airports across the country, the lines may be even longer because of an anticipated protest against airport security.

Critics say screening has become too invasive and on Wednesday they want travelers to opt out of full-body scans and instead ask for a pat down.

The Transportation Safety Administration says this could cause chaos.

On the other side of the argument, supporters say the critics should stop whining and if they don’t like it, they shouldn’t fly.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports

Sally Grand was at Boston Logan Tuesday night and told WBZ-TV she’s okay with the new measures for two reasons.

“I’m picking up both my kids flying today and I’m happy to have everyone screened invasively because I want them to be safe,” she explained.

Michael Tuohey, a former ticket agent from Portland, Maine who checked in two of the 9/11 hijackers including Mohammad Atta, also supports TSA’s new security screening.

“Everyone should remember these people are in it for the long haul,” he said. “They have nothing to lose and we have everything to lose. And if people lose sight of that then shame on you.”

The new TSA security measures may be expanding to cover train and boat travel.

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  1. Cynic says:

    What would happen if ten thousand passengers were to show up at Logan and say NO. History teaches that Government derives it’s most power from unwarrented intrusions into the lives of people and thier justification is always “It is For Your Own Good”…. The Majority will always follow the Judas Sheep to the slaughter.It is always the minority asserting themselves that brings about the changes. History always shows the minority to have been right when viewed through the prism of time that shows the concerns were mindless hysteria.

  2. Scott says:

    Every terrorist so far has been a young, male, Arab, Muslim. Why are we molesting nuns, old women, old men, and children. The terrorists have accomplished a goal, disrupt travel in the U.S.

  3. Cindy says:

    What is wrong with all of these people?! If these people do “protest”, who does it hurt? The airline? NO! TSA? NO! It only hurts their fellow passengers – and as a fellow passenger I would REALLY resent how THEY inconvenienced me – NOT the airline and not the TSA!! Do you know what else I would resent? That if the TSA caves and gives in to these people I would take that to mean that other people’s “inconvenience” is more important than my safety! When you are out in public, there is no such thing as a “right to privacy” – add the fact that you are boarding a PUBLIC plane – NO RIGHT to privacy – SAFETY should be more important. One last thing – you can BET that if the TSA does give in and if, God forbid, something happens, these same people would be one of the first to blame the TSA for not doing enough to keep passengers safe! Time to put your big boy/girl pants on and suck it up – the world has changed and the United States needs to change with it.

    1. KF4766 says:

      I’m with you Cindy. It SUCKS that this is the world we live in, but it is a reality. Also, let me get this straight, these people think that getting “felt up” by a TSA agent is LESS invasive than having what is basically a really clear X-ray taken?

    2. Jacqui Place says:

      I totally agree with Cindy! She is absolutely correct!

  4. Scott says:

    These potential protestors are nothing but selfish idiotic morons that don’t care about anyone but themsleves! Flying is a privelage and is optional! You don’t like it then DON’T FLY! As far as I’m concerned they can walk. I promise then they will be undisturbed….

  5. Chemical Detection says:

    Many of you supporting the use of full body scans are making the assumption that they will improve our safety on flights from explosive devices, similar to those used last Christmas. However, this device is unreliable at detecting items of similar or lower density than our clothing (e.g., see here: Therefore, it seems that this invasion of personal privacy doesn’t buy us much additional safety, when it comes to devices commonly used by terrorists.
    It would seem to be the challenge to find a device that both increases safety against such devices, and does not invade privacy. As stated in the link above, there are ‘puffer’ devices that can detect explosive chemicals, and do not invade privacy. Plus we could completely take-advantage of one of nature’s best chemical detectors: a dog’s nose! For example, the Russians have bred a ‘super bomb detector’ dog (see: that would be much more fun to have running around airports, and would accomplish the task much more effectively than intrusive full body scans.
    My point: safety doesn’t have to come at a price to individual privacy. This device seems ineffective at reducing the ‘types’ of attacks we’ve seen in the past.

  6. Jane says:

    the national media have contributed more to the possible disruption of air travel today than protesting passengers! Obviously some people don’t like the screening process, and they have the right to take a bus or train, but the vast majority of people would rather fly safely than worry about being blown up. You can bet if any of the 3,000 victims of 9/11 could express their opinion about this issue they would be all for it. The TSA should immediately refuse boarding to disruptive passengers and the State Police should escort them from the terminals.

  7. shotime says:

    Enough is enough! When I saw the video of a little boy with his shirt off as the TSA inspector felt his body up and down… I was appalled!

  8. Cindy says:

    I’m the “Cindy” who posted earlier on here and I needed to say this – the people who are threatening to “protest” – do they remember 9/11? I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was watching a morning show and it cut to the Twin Towers live. I kept waiting for Bruce Willis to show up saying something like “and that was a scene from my newest movie” and as soon as I realized that it was real I started calling my two sons on the phone. One was in his first year at Hofstra University (on Long Island and they could see the Twin Towers from certain dorm room windows) and the other was in the Navy. I could not reach either one so I left voice mails for both of them. Finally my son at Hofstra called and said “Uh, Mom, what is going on?” (I will NEVER forget those words) and I had to fill him in with everything that I knew up to that point. My other son didn’t call me back until late afternoon and proceeded to tell me how everyone was walking around with guns – big guns and little guns – carrying and in holsters (just what a Mom needs to hear).

    And now I hear about these idiots crying and whining about security measures at airports?! What do they have to hide since they are afraid of going through the body scanners?!

  9. IronManCC says:

    These protesters should just be herded into a room, or outside in the parking lot, if there’s that many of them, and TSA can pat them down as time permits. If there’s a backlog & they miss a few flights, oh well, that was their decision. Those who are willing to play by the rules and go through scanners shouldn’t be held up by people like that & should get first priority. That being said, I really don’t like the whole pat down & frisk thing going on; but I understand the reasons for it – Foremost safety & security of passengers. For those who think it’s all just BS, think back to 9/11, as well as the thwarted attempts that have been made since then. Of course, there’s always buses, trains & any other form of mass transportation where the same thing could happen….

  10. Ellen says:

    That’s ridiculous only because by making this a day of anguish for many these protesters will do more harm then good. What should be done is what Israel does. Profile. Oh i know it’s not political correct but neither was the bombing of the Twin Towers either.

  11. world travler says:

    go to other countries first like isreal and then tell me how bad we have it

    stop all the whining and deal with it if you dont like the security procedure DONT FLY AT ALL

  12. Sandy says:

    Come on folks. The x-ray takes a moment or two and you’re on your way. The person who sees the image is not even in the same are of the airport so they aren’t seeing you and you aren’t seeing them-at least not the ones I have been through.. If you’re really that upset about going thru the screening, you probably are unhappy about something else to begin with. Get a life and get on with it.

  13. Joel S Henderson says:

    it’s amazing how many sheep have commented here…

    1. Tina says:

      And since you “commented here” then you must be one of those “sheep” that you mentioned – whatever that means.

      Joel S Henderson’s comment –
      it’s amazing how many sheep have commented here…
      November 24, 2010 at 12:30 pm

  14. Mike says:

    What I don’t think you people realize is that alot of people are just relinquishing everything in the guise of “safety”.

    What if they decided the best way to be secure was to fly in your underwear? Would that be fine too?

  15. Tina says:

    If I didn’t like the rules then I would take a train or bus or I would drive. It’s the same for everyone else, if you don’t like the rules – DON’T FLY!

  16. Rosy says:

    Maybe I’m being selfish because I want everyone to arrive at their destinations safely but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?! The pat down I would not want to do – too personal and “in your face” but the body scan? Just show me where to stand and how to “pose” and I’m there.

  17. Joel S Henderson says:

    @Tina, ummm no I didn’t say ‘by nature of posting here you should be considered sheep’ but nice straw man…

    Also Tina – who exactly makes ‘the rules’ and who/what is in charge of making sure that the rules are just?

    Don’t forget, not every ‘rule’ is right (ie: slavery, certain genders/ethnicities being unable to vote, etc).

    I don’t think that ANYONE is suggesting that air travel should be completely unfettered…stop it with the red herrings and focus on what the real issue is here.

    By the way, for all of you who are more than happy to be x-rayed multiple times…can you point me at the un-biased medical studies that prove no health risks to x-ray exposure? Especially when you consider that the x-ray machines are NOT going to have qualified x-ray technicians maintaining them?

    Bomb-sniffing dogs would be the most effective/least-intrusive security method IMO…if airlines handled their own security this is what they would most likely do, IMO…but hey, it’s SO much easier to erode civil liberties at the federal level than to do what is actually effective…

  18. Joel S Henderson says:

    Food for thought:

    “I believe one of the most serious misunderstandings about totalitarianism is that
    it arrives as a full package that requires no assembly. That it … is put on the people, like a winter coat. All at one time, and in full view for all to see.This is a grave misunderstanding.” – Robert Wenzel

  19. Tina says:

    What it comes down to is that the TSA is trying to keep all of us travelers safe – and for some reason certain people don’t want to do whatever it takes to help keep us safe. I’m proud of the fact that most Americans are going along with the scans (probably because they are faster and less intrusive) instead of acting like children and having temper tantrums and saying non no no. We ALL should be willing to do whatever it takes to keep ourselves and our fellow passengers safe – some very selfish people are not – and it’s those people that I’m really suspicious of.

  20. Joel S Henderson says:

    @Tina – thanks for sharing your opinion (seriously) but maybe you should think about what you’re saying: so, people who question what a government agency does are only acting like children/having tantrums AND all gov’t actions are only meant to ‘keep us safe’?

    Wonder how the people who were infected with syphilis in Tuskeegee, or the people of Iran (after their democratically-elected leader was deposed), or even the citizens of Germany during WWII feel about that concept?

    Again – from what I’ve seen, NO one is saying that air travel should be unfettered…however, there are some serious civil/constitutional/corruption issues at the heart of this matter – anyone who claims to not see that has either not done the reading or is intellectually unable to process the facts (or has something to gain by supporting the corruption).

    There is a better (and, more American) way to handle security for air travel…

  21. Joel S Henderson says:

    more food for thought:

    “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”

    Edward Abbey

    1. Benjamin Franklin says:

      Oh please. I bet you’ve never defended your country. I bet your a sad little man who cowers from conflict and only speaks up on the internet where have a spine is irrelevant.

      1. Joel S Henderson says:

        actually ‘Benjamin Franklin’ (you’re not exactly doing your namesake proud) I feel like I defend my country every time I try to educate boot-licking tyranny-loving toadies such as yourself.

        I speak up whenever I feel the need; whether online or in person and am not necessarily a little man and am certainly not sad – but thanks for playing.

      2. Benjamin Franklin says:

        I am all for limited government and states rights. And I don’t go through the backscatter machine at the airport, opting out isn’t that difficult. But I’ve also fought for my country and watched my friends die for your freedom. I protest for my rights in Washington. I campaign for the candidates I feel are worthy of my vote. I donate my time and my money. I am true to myself, true to my friends. I am willing to fight for the things I want, politically, socially, whatever, but that’s not the vibe I get from you. I notice in your rebuttal you didn’t actually rebut anything I said. That’s a tactic for avoiding. And it is sad.

      3. Joel S Henderson says:

        umm, what exactly do I need to rebut? You said I’m a sad little man; I’m neither sad nor little (pretty happy-go-lucky and 6′ 200lbs) who cowers from conflict; not sure how you want me to prove that I DON”T cower from ‘non-internet’ conflict but I generally don’t.

        I ALSO support candidates who I feel speak for me; personally though in my experience I haven’t seen many honest ones…Ron Paul is a decent guy IMO, not too many others that I can think of offhand.

        Sorry that some of your friends died in military action; I respect the hell out of military service but not always the politicians who put the military in harm’s way.

        So, what else will help your vibe-scanner – do we need to meet in the parking lot to duke it out?

        Hey, at least I’m posting with my real name…

      4. Benjamin Franklin says:

        Posting with your real name, you’re whole real name, is ridiculously idiotic which is why I don’t do it. Hell, based on your comments here and your real name I now know where you work, how old you are, what state you live in, and the names of five of your relatives or possibly a spouse.

        Kudos to Ron Paul, though. I gave him money in 07 and 08 too, although a bit more than you did. Don’t worry, though, I have no intentions of finding your parking lot. It’s mighty cold up there.

      5. Joel S Henderson says:

        ridiculously idiotic to you/courage of my convictions to me…and yeah, I wish I had more money & time to give RP but I spent quite a few hours going door to door & making phone calls.

        You might want to get your vibe-finder looked at, seems like you’re needlessly attacking people with similar political views…either that or you just think butting heads with everyone makes the world go ’round a little better.

      6. Benjamin Franklin says:

        Politically maybe, but I don’t agree with you on THIS issue. The TSA can regulate air travel however they see fit, and you can choose not to fly. You are not forced to go through those machines and I am all for aggressive pat downs. My only issue with the TSA is that it’s government run. The airlines should be responsible for security and held accountable for lapses on it. But x-rays or pat downs, whatever you choose, are not the problem.

        Overall, I am FAR more worried about Monsanto than I am about the airlines.

        And I stand firm in the concept that a person who’s never been willing to actually fight for his/her country should ramble on about being willing to fight for your country. As a former marine, married to an active marine, I find such hypocrisy deplorable.

      7. Joel S Henderson says:

        I don’t know Ben Franklin; from what I’m reading you’re not only all over the place but you seem to think that only your opinion is the valid one due to your assumed ‘willingness’ to ‘fight for your country’ – so, only YOUR actions & motives are valid & everyone else’s are meaningless??

        So, are you saying that ONLY people who have joined the military (and been subjected to big gov’t & its corporate masters whims & profit-based actions) should have opinions about America? Not sure that most right-minded adults could agree with that thought process, but that’s just my opinion.

        If you read my posts clearly I’m pretty sure I never said that the people should NOT be checked out aggressively when flying; my opinion is that the airlines should handle their own security since gov’t tends to be inefficient & ineffective IMO (not to mention there are constitutional concerns regarding the TSA as far as I’m concerned).

        You should make less assumptions about people that you don’t know; a willingness to fight for the things you care about isn’t defined ONLY by the overly simplistic worldview that you seem to espouse. Joining the military (especially when you consider the corruption at most levels of the federal gov’t) doesn’t necessarily have ANYTHING to do with fighting for America’s freedom nowadays…most people who have observed the history of the past 50 years in an objective manner would have to be willing to consider that there were questionable motives for almost ALL of the military actions that American politicians have gotten us involved in.

        I’ve ALWAYS been willing to fight for what I care about/believe in; I’m just not going to kid myself that a bunch of corrupt, fat old men in suits have the same values and sense of altruism that I do – maybe you have more faith in big gov’t than I do – nothing wrong with that, the world is filled with people who have different opinions.

  22. Estelle Edwards says:

    Join the new Meetup group to boycott air travel until the TSA is disbanded.

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