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BOSTON (CBS) — Here are some of the news and notes from around the NFL and beyond.

Next year the NFL changes its clothing contract. It goes from using Reebok for its jerseys to Nike. Now on the Baltimore Ravens’ website there’s a sampling of one some of the new styles and they are awful. Hard to explain, you may have to go on the Ravens site and find the story.

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Just so you know, the Patriots uniform looks like the American flag threw up on Tom Brady. The Pats’ jersey is considered one of the five worst.

Just so you know, the NFL and Nike are disputing the sketches. They are both saying no to the new looks.

Former Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams wide receiver Kevin Curtis is battling back from cancer and tried out for the Detroit Lions on Thursday, according to a league source.

Curtis, 32, underwent an orchiectomy in September to remove a cancerous testicle. Curtis had 33 catches for 390 yards and two touchdowns for the Eagles in 2008. He had his best season in 2007, when he had 77 catches for 1,110 yards and six touchdowns.

Here’s maybe a fantasy football move. The Washington Redskins are putting Clinton Portis back in the line-up.

Coach Mike Shanahan said Friday it looks as if the running back “will be ready to go” Sunday at Tennessee.

The Redskins have been thin in the backfield. Ryan Torain missed Monday night’s game when he aggravated a hamstring injury during warm-ups, and Shanahan said Torain will miss Sunday’s game as well.

Soccer 6 chimes in with the usual fantastic insight on sports from beyond. This week Chad Ochocinco has a prominent role.

Chad has been in the newest pistachio commercials and what’s funny is he does more commercials than he has touchdowns.

6 has said that Chad’s pistachio commercials worked. Soccer went out and bought some of the “Wonderful Pistachio’s.” That right there is simply sad.

Snookie also does those commercials and Soccer has also told me that tanning and ugly slippers are in the future.

This is where Soccer 6 went off the deep end. 6 find out that Chad just got engaged to Evelyn from the show “Basketball Wives.” Let that sink in, we are calling it VH1 love.

Evelyn is Antoine Walker’s ex-wife. Apparently all Ocho got on his show the “Ultimate Catch” was publicity.

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6 thought Chad was looking for love. Finding out this was just a scam was crushing. This is where I say C’MON and REALLY!!!!

No one can possibly believe these shows are real. They are all a set up.

Chad was looking for fame and got it. He also gave Evelyn a 10-karat ring, to which Soccer says is gaudy.

I think we need to put a CHILD PLEEZ here, but I think Ochocinco has finally runs his course. Plus Soccer is in tears, Chad lied. 6 could not believe reality TV was false again.

Jessica Simpson is in Soccer 6 news. 6 tells us Jessica is engaged to former NFL’er Eric Johnson.


Johnson played tight end for the Saints and the 49ers. 6 says Jessica has been through a lot. She got a divorce, the whole thing with Romo and her dog Daisy got eaten by a coyote….. WHAT!!!! Daisy eaten by coyote. Who knew????

There are a ton of road runner jokes that can go here but I am an animal lover so I won’t ‘coyote ugly’ this up. (By the way, that was a good movie.)

Finally, Shaq makes a Soccer 6 appearance.

6 tells us the big Shamrock twittered his phone number to punk fans and people fell for this. REALLY!!!!

6 wonders why Shaq has so much time on his hands, when he’s supposed to be helping the Celtics win a championship.

This is where I step in. Shaq is doing just fine. What ever Shaq Daddy is doing in his spare time is fine. He’s taking care of business on the court.

That’s real talk right there.

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Thanks everyone for reading and thank you Soccer 6.