Companies from across the region are finding new, exciting ways to achieve their goals for success. Hear the inspiring and enterprising stories of business acumen from the leaders of four local companies.

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Anthony SilvaWBZ’s Anthony Silva moderates an animated discussion about the challenges, the concepts and the stories of these successful local companies.



BERT JACOBSBert Jacobs launched Life is good® with $75.00 and today its sales reach $100 million.



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GAIL GOODMANGail Goodman will explain how Constant Contact® is helping hundreds of companies reach out to their customers in innovative ways.



DR CHRISTINA LAMPE ONNERUDDr. Christina Lampe-Önnerud has created new solutions for hi-tech battery power at Boston-Power.



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DAVID BREWSTERDavid Brewster will discuss how EnerNOC is bringing new energy savings technologies to customers all over the country.