HINGHAM (CBS) — A racially-charged video has gone viral, and a former Hingham mailman says it cost him his job.

Postal worker Hugson Jean made sure his cell phone camera was rolling when a customer launched into a tirade.

“No one would believe me if I didn’t do this,” he told WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano.

The video has now been seen by tens of thousands of people nationwide. Jean, 48, took it with his cell phone last October when he tried to deliver a certified letter to Hingham resident Erika Winchester.

In the video Winchester is heard swearing and using racial epithets. He says she knew he was recording her and when Jean asks Winchester, “Why call me the “n” name?” Winchester responds, “Because you’re  acting like a moron.”
Jean also says that Winchester slapped him so hard he had double vision. He says he couldn’t pull away because she was so close to his truck and now he claims the encounter cost him his job with the postal service.

“They just couldn’t do it based on my performance,” he said. “They tried to find other ways and finally they found a way.”

Jean claims he’d been subjected to verbal abuse from his supervisors because he was the only African American employed at the Hingham office.   This video, he believes, shows him to be a troublemaker, not a victim, in their eyes.  

But a statement from postal service says, “Let me assure you that the employee’s job status has nothing whatsoever to do with the video.”

According to Hingham Police Winchester was charged last year with assault and battery hate crime, but Hugson didn’t want to testify against her.  

There’s a discrepancy in the case because Hugson says he was never notified and did want his day in court. 

The postal service says the video was disturbing and they pursued the incident through the local police. 

Hugson claims no action was taken by his supervisors.

Beth Germano

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  1. postal service says:

    Because of guys like this our stamps are going up 1 cent

    1. Kayla says:

      that’s a woman

  2. shotime says:

    I just watch the unedited version of the You Tube video and I’m shocked! Whoa! This is one crazed lady! I don’t know what actually transpired after the incident, but I do know the incident itself is absolutely unbelievable! Where are the men in the white coats, waiting to take this lady away?

    1. Boston Jarred says:

      Racist people always look like nuts who just missed the SaneTrain.

  3. craigsimages says:

    She also operates a speech business in Hingham…really??? What a wacko!

    1. pg says:

      she is a nut,wierd woman,very rude

  4. jaygee says:

    My goodness, I wasn’t aware that any racists lived in Hingham. I thought that only squeaky, clean white people resided in that lovely town.

  5. brat says:

    Did Jean notify the Police or did his superiors? It seems as though his bosses did so and he didn’t follow up. He blames them but they appear to have been the ones to pursue charges against the woman. Police say that he didn’t want to testify against her. Everyone else is telling a different story than this guy

    1. brat says:

      By the way this woman should be ashamed of herself!

  6. Cynic says:

    I watched the video several times. What strikes me is the way she is holding on to the Vehicle window..Is she trying to goad him into driving away so she can sue for Assault with a weapon.If he said “I’m going to end this comversation and leave”would she let go of the window? I doubt it. Then we would be seeing the story on the media about the Crazed Mailman In Hingham that went POSTAL and dragged this innocent woman with his truck.He was being held prisoner as much as if she had a gun to his head.While the people of Hingham decry her racismn I’m certain that they are also pleased that the Post Office got the message….”Don’t send any more Blacks to Hingham.

  7. frank mack says:

    This recording was illegal. fm


    This case raises the issue whether a motorist may be prosecuted for violating the Massachusetts electronic surveillance statute, …   We conclude that G.L. c. 272, § 99, strictly prohibits the secret electronic recording by a private individual of any oral communication,

    1. shotime says:

      Frank mack… did you even read the article? Jean states the nutty lady knew he was recording her. “He says she knew he was recording her and when Jean asks Winchester…”

  8. Diane Thomas says:

    When I saw this on the news, I could not believe it. What a horrible big mouth woman. She should be ashamed of herself. The postal service should be ashamed also.

  9. swim69 says:

    This story is unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness, I hope someone reads my comments: law or no law, we’ve all seen what we’ve seen. This woman is a WACKJOB; a crazy, ignorant, fool – and that’s putting it mildly – who should be embarassed to even set foot outside of her little Hingham home!! Slap her with some kind of lawsuit, give him his job back that he deserves, and let’s be done with this! Post Office: SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. shotime says:

    I have no facts to base my gut feelings on… but for some reason I believe Jean when he says that the local authorities and Post Office did not support his pursuing this matter any further. Remember, we are talking about a town with a population of about 99.99999% white and involving a woman, as nutty as she is, possibly having some major clout in the town. Yes, a lot of possiblities, but something smells a little fishy here!

  11. TiaMaria says:

    Med check…..

  12. Ellen says:

    The Postal worker should bring forth charges on this nit wit because from what I heard even her neighbors are afraid of her. It’s a wonder she was’t put away a long time ago. As far as the Post Office goes they said it was the fact he missed 90 mail drops that got him fired, and not the video, but like shotime I think something is fishy here also.

  13. Jack says:

    Winchester/Palin 2012 Let the campaign begin!

  14. Kathy says:

    She is the most awful disgraceful woman and the US Post Office should be ASHAMED of themselves. DO THE RIGHT THING! That monster-woman and the Post Office owe that man more money than either of them have!
    This is the United States – not some playgorund of nuts that allow this to happen and then monter-woman gets away with it! Throw her in jaiil!!
    Boy, HINGHAM attracks the worst of people. Just look up what they did to Kitty Dukarkis during the last election!

  15. Kathy says:

    I didn’t mean to report this comment – I hit it by accident.

    I’m NEVER doing business with this horrible woman – she’s not even human.

    Thank God this report was made – bring it out in the open and people should be PUNISHED!

  16. Lindsay Grove says:

    and the skeletons in Hingham’s closet are out!

  17. Lindsay Grove says:

    by the looks of her house, she lives in the part of Hingham no one talks about, that is why she needs money from the lawsuit. If he takes off, she will hold on, and get the $$ for the upgrade….possibly waterfront. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!

  18. TFD says:

    This is a perfect example of how these people really feel about us. I have to laugh at this, only because of the ignorance involved. How safe can she be after this? What makes these people think there leaders?? No matter what you do or say, the original will always be.. how can you lead the leaders? I understand tho, if I had it my way.. I would float..walking is for peasants! lol..BLACK IS THA TRUTH!!
    Read about it!!!

  19. Ava says:

    WBZ TV is listed as a “client” of her bootleg business “The Speech Company”! It is comical that her business claims to be a “nationally leading human-to-human communication organization”. Personally, I don’t agree with her message!

    WBZ TV, I suggest you severe your ties with a company run by a vile human being.

  20. firefly says:

    Why should the police protect her?????? She is a disgrace.

  21. Christopher Desmond says:

    They should give him his job back

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