LONDONDERRY, N.H. (CBS/AP) – About 300 people welcomed 9-year-old Bella Tucker back home in Londonderry, New Hampshire Sunday.

She had been at Children’s Hospital Boston since Easter, after doctors had to amputate her arms and legs because of an infection. 

Active in gymnastics and cheerleading, she was rushed to Boston with a raging fever earlier this year. She was diagnosed with streptococcus pneumonia sepsis and fell into a coma.

She survived, but doctors had to amputate her arms and legs.

WBZ Radio’s Doug Cope reports from Londonderry

Her home has been rebuilt and expanded to make it more accessible for a quadruple amputee.

Tony Nigro of Suffolk Construction, who also has an 8-year-old daughter, led a group of volunteers to expand and remake Bella’s home over the last four months.

“You think there but for the grace of God is us, there’s my Bella,” Nigro told WBZ-TV.  “The real question is, how do you not help?”

The house has a large elevator, automated restrooms, lowered kitchen appliances, a physical therapy room, and energy efficient appliances.

Her bedroom is painted a light powder blue, a color Bella chose.  It also has a humidifier, a special air filter, and finishing touches of stuffed animal monkeys and turtles – Bella’s favorite animals.

“We’re really happy she’s still with us with the same spirit, attitude and the same humor that she had before,” said her stepfather Peter Roarty.  “That’s kind of her new little motto, when someone says ‘Oh how’d you do that?’ she says ‘Oh, I just roll with it.”

When building, the home’s designers obeyed one rule: there’s nowhere Bella can’t go.  It’s a rule the small girl with a big heart is already living by.

If you’d like to help Bella and her family, visit their web site

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez contributed to this story.

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  1. Roland says:

    I just seen this on TV this morning and it brought tears to my eyes. The Heart this little girl has is beyond belief, her attitude is awesome and something I would never expect from someone (no matter what age) that lost all their limbs!

    I Pray that she keeps the same attitude throughout her entire life, this has to be devastating for her and her family. May God Bless her, her family and the contractor for all he and his men did to help her and her family do such a huge upgrade on their home, to allow little Bella to go anywhere, anytime she wants inside this newly renovated house!

    Children are so fragile, both physically and mentally. You could see nothing but happiness on her tiny face when she returned home after more then 6 months in a Boston Hospital and losing we all take for granted, our limbs. I wish her and her family all the best and that she can enjoy a long, Happy and healthy life! What an AWESOME little girl, God Bless you Bella!

  2. Andrea says:

    If Tony Nigro want to do this work, he should have done it anonomously, and not promote his construction company. He wants business. Typical.

    1. Uncle Bob says:

      Andrea you are awful. This was a story of inspiration for a little girl and her family. Why ruin it? You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!

  3. Dennis says:

    Andrea I think your way off base here, i think this person Tony Nigro and his company and all the volunteers deserve a lot of credit and believe me i have no clue who he is, but if i needed work done he would be the first person i would call.

    Hampstead NH

  4. shotime says:

    Bella is a brave little girl! I’ve been close to this story from the beginning since my sister is a teacher at the school Bella attends in Londonderry, NH. It is so heartwarming to hear of the enormous generosity so many have and continue to share with the hope of making Bella and her family’s life a little easier.
    But the tears really came when I saw all that their neighbor had done so that the most important place in Bella’s life, her home will be a little less challenging! My thoughts and prayers will always be with this beautiful child and her wonderful family.

  5. shotime says:

    Andrea, Why so bitter??? I hope Tony’s business flourishes because of his neighborly charitable donation. Based on your comment, it’s safe to say I know who I’d prefer as a neighbor. Have some heart!

  6. Roland says:

    Andra what a TERRIBLE thing to say about someone that just spent almost a half million dollars out of his own pocket to help this little girl, without asking a cent in return, or even being asked to do this work! If he does get more work because of this, good for him! You sound like a very bitter woman and I would have preferred NOT to even see your post on here! Very distasteful….. especially in this economy, I doubt her parents, with all the Hospital Bills could have afforded to have all this work done. God Bless this man for doing this out of the kindness of his Heart!

    New Hampshire
    “Live Free or Die”

  7. Mrs. F. says:

    Shame on you Andrea! I hope when the day comes when you need help there is a Tony Nigro to help you; perhaps then you might feel differently. Today so many people choose to walk away, not get involved and do nothing; that’s safe and easy. Tony and his company made the right choice to help Bella and her family. There should be more people like Tony in this world – it certainly would be a better place to live.

  8. Tony Nigro says:

    The reason why we invited the media to share Bella’s homecoming is to bring awareness to her website so that perhaps people will continue to donate and help pay the pile of bills this family has. We have doubled the size of her home and that brings things like higher taxes which despite all of our efforts….can’t be wished away. The story was about Bella, the community effort, and the hundreds of people that jumped in to help-all good.
    Tony Nigro

  9. c5ron says:

    Thank you Mr Nigro, what an AWESOME thing you did for that little girl and her family! Not many people would step up to help as you did! I am sure the family is much better off with your help but still has a long hard road ahead! May God Bless you!

    New Hampshire Resident

  10. shotime says:

    Tony Nigro, you did not have to explain yourself, but by doing so you’ve only further demonstrated how wrong and unjustified Andrea’s comment was. More people should take note of your generosity, and appreciate exactly how a little kindness can go a long way, or in your case how an enormous amount of kindness will go a long way in a little girl’s life. Bless You!

  11. Suzanne says:

    Tony Nigro, You, your family & your crew are all heroes. Don’t forget it. Please don’t let what one person wrote ruin this incredible experience of extreme love, compassion & generosity. I want to think that Andrea doesn’t really exist… but if she does, she needs to get onto the Bella site and make a huge contribution in order to redeem herself!!! You are now in my prayers along with Bella & her family.
    God Bless.

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