BOSTON (CBS/AP) – Boston city councilor Chuck Turner has been found guilty of accepting a $1,000 bribe and lying to FBI agents.

A federal jury on Friday convicted Chuck Turner of attempted extortion and three counts of making false statements.

Turner said on way out of court that the jury got it wrong. He told reporters he doesn’t mind going to jail and he has no intention of stepping down.

The 70-year old Turner faces a maximum of 35 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Turner accepted a wad of cash in a handshake with businessman Ron Wilburn during a 2007 meeting.

During his trial, Turner took the witness stand to defend himself, insisting that he did not take the bribe from Wilburn, who was seeking help in getting a liquor license from the city and was cooperating with the FBI.

Turner acknowledged that a videotape shows Wilburn passing something to him in a handshake, but said he did not remember receiving cash from Wilburn.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino released a statement after the verdict was announced saying it is a sad and unfortunate day for the city. “I remain shocked at the actions Councilor Turner has been found guilty of today and will continue to work hard promoting a spirit of public trust and confidence in our elected officials and government agencies,” he added.

City Council President Mike Ross says the council has the ability to vote to remove members and that he expects a hearing on that in the next month or two.

City Council President Mike Ross talks with WBZ News Radio

Turner is free until his sentencing Jan. 25.

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Comments (20)
  1. Emmit066 says:

    Chuck, I hope the money was worth it.

  2. Joe K says:

    Would be good if they also put the guys into jail which are behind in giving away the Liquor Licenses. This practice should be abandoned anyhow, we are not under prohibition anymore and people should be “man enough” to decide about Liquor. This license practice makes only sense to extort money from people.

  3. Justfortheday says:

    What amazes me is his pompous attitude and putting on a show like he would never be charged. Fry in hell Chuck… you might have some fooled and you might have done some good in your past, but that’s all gone now.

  4. Bob in Beverly says:

    dont worry Chuck — after you get out of jail; you wont have any recall of it

  5. TERI says:


  6. DStein says:

    Let’s see, first Chuck said he didn’t take any money. Then his lawyer said he took some, but it wasn’t the $1,000 the Feds stated. I just love it when people get caught in their own lies.

    Chuck, I know you won’t get the 35 year maximum, but I hope you get at least 5 before you’re eligible for a lengthy parole!

  7. Jason says:

    He will do very little if any time in prison….watch and see.

  8. Al says:

    He didn’t really think everyone was that dumb, did he?

    1. Rick says:

      he must, after all people kept voting for him.

  9. Ron T says:

    Martha Stewart faced a 20 year sentence after her conviction, but actual time served was less than a year.

    I imagine that will be the case here as well, a greatly reduced sentence!

  10. ginny25 says:

    He could have easily turned the tables on the guy who gave him the bribe by turned him in to the authorities if he was really an inncoent, law abiding citizen. But then we know that most of our elected officials can never pass up a quick buck.

  11. emom says:

    I dont think any political person would ever serve much if any jail time,,,, they would have to commit murder,.wait thats been done and most walk… soit getstime served instead thats the political way…

  12. Tin says:

    He is free until sentencing???….and he’s guilty…..hmmmm….must have hand shaked the judge 200 bucks.

  13. TheRose says:

    Everyone is worried about him getting out too soon? He has to get to jail first. Why is the sentencing nearly 3 months away? He’s been convicted, get it over with. He’ll be out in a few months like the rest of the political crooks.

  14. susan says:

    He finangled spending the holidays with the family that he so will miss….(excuse me, while I wipe away a tear)…..he is a real lliar and soooo transparent…he will accept his fate if he was found guilty?? sounds like someone guilty to me. Just his whole demeanor screamed “guilty” but then he becomes the “victim”.. what an a…..E.

  15. jmr2 says:

    Isn’t anyone outraged by giving an informant immunity and 30 THOUSAND DOLLARS? This informant gets to walk away with 30 THOUSAND dollars plus getting immunity for his own crime. Why did they have to pay him so much? I think that needs to be investigated. We are fools to let informants walk away with this kind of money. Most informants just get immunity on their own crime. Something is not right here.

  16. TheRose says:

    jmr2, I tend to agree with you. something not right here.

    susan, you made me laugh. I thought the very same things.

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