By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – Reports about potential cancer threats from cell phones are becoming more common.

Now there are some new products coming out which say they can help minimize that risk.

Renee Sharp of the Environmental Working Group says, “People who use their cell phones more than half-an-hour per day over a long period of time, we’ve actually seen studies where they have increased rates of cancer.”

While the science isn’t conclusive yet, some people are looking for ways to cut their exposure to cell phone radiation.

Sharp believes children and infants are at the greatest risk.

“Because their brains are still developing, their skulls are thinner, and they have a different head shape so their brain absorbs twice as much radiation as an adult.”

Belly Armor is marketing a cotton blanket for pregnant women.

It has silver fibers woven into it which they claim can limit radiation exposure.

iPhone has an app called Tawkon which promises to reveal just how much radiation your cell phone is actually emitting.

Kent German of CNET isn’t sure this app will protect you, but thinks it might serve another purpose.

“I think it could help out a couple of ways. One it could determine whether you have a good signal or not,” he explained.

Some easy changes in your daily habits could also protect you from radiation exposure according to German.

“You can text instead of talk. You can keep the phone away from your body. You could use a Bluetooth head set. I wouldn’t sleep with a phone next to your bed.”

Before you rush out to buy a Bluetooth, there are some things to consider.

Although they do emit less radiation than a phone, there haven’t been any studies done yet to determine their potential impact on our health.

Cell phone radiation is starting to get more attention.

The city of San Francisco will start requiring retailers to disclose the radiation levels of different phones starting next February.

Paula Ebben


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