FITCHBURG (WBZ) — One woman was shot dead, and another woman is in custody following an armed robbery at a store in Fitchburg Wednesday, officials confirm.



The store owner tells WBZ-TV’s Eileen Curran that two women went into her store Wednesday. She said one left and the other demanded cash.

The store owner told WBZ that she gave the woman money and then both women took off in a red Altima.

Police say a chase started and they were led into New Hampshire where officers there took over the chase.

During an afternoon news conference, authorities said that officers lost the car, but it was later located unoccupied in a driveway in Rindge.

Police got a report that there were two women in the woods and officers found them and pulled their guns on the women, but somehow the women got away.

Authorities say the women then stole a grey Hyundai and the chase resumed in Westminster and continued into Fitchburg.

The chase ended in Fitchburg when the car crashed into a tree on Heywood Street.

Despite crashing, police say the driver continued to ram into police cruisers.

“The vehicle was used as a weapon and a means of escape,” said Worcester county district attorney Joseph Early. “The driver of the vehicle ignored police officer warnings. She was shot after ramming several cruisers.”

Authorities confirm three officers received minor injuries in the chase.

The Sentinel and Enterprise is reporting that bystanders heard gunshots, and authorities confirm officers shot the driver dead.

The driver has been identified as Leslie Moore, 40, of Gardner, and police say she has an extensive criminal history.

The passenger, Jannine O’Connor, 40, of Billerica, was arrested and is charged with armed robbery.

“This was a situation where police had to do the best they could given the circumstances. You had cruisers being hit, the car was being used as a weapon…there was nothing easy about this,” added Early.


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