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The Randy Moss trade from the Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings has been a media sensation since the story broke. How the Patriots fare without his services for the remainder of the 2010 season will be a hot topic all year. Felger & Mazz offered their views on the endlessly compelling story and how it’s about much more than just a single trade.

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Felger: “This is why we’re in this business. I still believe all the time that we’ve spent on it and will spend on it is worthy. It is beyond just the face of it. To, me it speaks to how you feel about the game of football. What do you think wins? What do you think is important- in sports? What are your values as a football fan? Whats important for you to watch? This Moss story speaks to some of those things. It’s a big important story with a lot of good guys and bad guys. There are a lot of bad guys involved, whether you think its Moss or Belichick or the Krafts. There are bad guys all over it, but there will be some good things coming out of this. Whatever happens, it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving.”

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Mazz: “When a story like this forces you to gauge what your values are, at what point does it get to be too much? At what point does the player’s attitude overtake his talent? It’s a fascinating philosophical question…But I also think it is easier to have values that you believe in when the expectations for your team are relatively lower than they were in the past…What was Randy Moss’s reputation three years ago- in everybody’s mind? If the Patriots were willing to bring him here then, what does that say about their values? They were willing to sacrifice them because they got him cheap. The thing that has changed is the expectations are not as high as they were three years ago.”