'Curious' Why So Many Sidewalks Aren't ShoveledWBZ

This winter’s snow and ice storms have left many sidewalks slippery and dangerous, which has Kari from Waltham Curious about the rules for shoveling sidewalks: “When sidewalks aren’t shoveled after a snow storm, I end up walking in the street. That can be dangerous.”

Worcester is one city that is cracking down on those who don’t shovel their sidewalks.

“Homeowners not only in Worcester but in Massachusetts know what their obligation is,” said Department of Public Works Commissioner Bob Moylan.

Worcester residents say they are fed up with homeowners who won’t shovel their sidewalks.

So the city has implemented a new ordinance that raises the fines from $50 to $75.

“The average cost would be about a dollar a foot,” Moylan said. “So if you owned a hundred feet of frontage, you’re looking at a $75 ticket plus $100 to have the sidewalk cleared.”

To make sure the city gets that money, the fees are added to homeowners’ property taxes.

The city of Boston has already handed out 134 citations for people who failed to clear their sidewalks this winter.

Snow Removal Laws In Area Towns:

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