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Shortly after the Patriots 38-24 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, Randy Moss vented his frustration about his contract and how he’s perceived in New England. Gresh & Zo weigh in on his questionable timing and the backlash he faces for his comments.

Gresh: “The timing wasn’t great. Lets call it for what it is- the early part of the message, not bad. But once he started to answer questions, that’s where Randy Moss’s honesty got in the way. People don’t like those who are honest and Randy Moss, to a fault, is honest. I’m not outraged about this, but it wasn’t good form. Moss has to take some criticism here. Is it, ‘Carve him up, slice him up, and run him out of town?’ I personally don’t think so…If Randy Moss has a great year and people think he can still play, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady can go to ownership and say ‘Hey look, maybe the guy doesn’t say the right things, but he’s damn good and we want to keep him.’”

Zolak: “It killed the good vibe that was going on in the room. Not to be funny, but it puts the earth on his shoulders this week, because he is going to be facing Revis Island. He’s got to get some numbers this week or people are going to kill him. The guy is a polarizing figure. He is the best receiver probably to play the game…If you are convinced that this guy isn’t going to be here next year, you better have something up your sleeve to replace him. He promised all along throughout preseason he was going to talk after game one. This wasn’t just because of the deals that got signed last week…Randy was always going to talk after game one…It wasn’t the Patriot way of handling things, especially after a great first win.”