Hour 1:

  • Wallach is a bad Jew. Fred’s son can recite Jewish scripture, but can’t speak English.
  • Red Sox win…whoopie.
  • Male Bag- Rich Cronin, NFL, Brett Favre complains about his eyes, John Lovitz, Wes Welker and Rich’s kid has brass balls.
  • Fred having sex is the equivalent of churning butter.

Hour 2:

  • The final episode of “Hard Knocks.” The Darrell Revis contract negotiation didn’t go very smoothly.
  • New baseball format proposed by John Smoltz.
  • Tom Green in the studio- Talks about his testicular cancer, marrying Drew Barrymore and how things got out of hand at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

Hour 3:

  • Breaking news: Tom Brady got into a car accident. It was reported that the jaws of life were used and he refused transportation to the hospital.
  • Dave Richards calls in to talk fantasy football. Last chance to switch things up!
  • More Brady accident talk…with sources.

Hour 4:

  • Ask a Pink Hat- What is the thing on every players non-throwing hand?
  • Bert Breer- Talks about the Brady accident and the media.
  • Dave Lapham, Bengals announcer, does a preview of the Pats vs. Bengals game.  And just how bad is the T.O. and Ochocinco show?
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Brady.
  • Crossover- Damage done to Brady’s Audi, Guy Fieri’s whip, Rich Cronin, Zolak got into an accident a while back and Gresh asked him if he had his “Family Guy” DVD set.

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