Gary LaPierreJust a few random thoughts today:   Pastor Terry Jones in Florida, the nutcase in Florida who wants to burn a pile of Korans on 9/11 I see is still praying about his decision.  Some folks take solace that Jonesie is rethinking his stupid decision.

First we must assume this idiot is capable of thinking.   Jones has about three dozen parishioners in his “church of what’s happenin’ now” and his rhetoric as an alleged “preacher” you’ll notice is not unlike the preacher Barack Obama listened too for more than twenty years of his life.  Just hatred in a different direction.

     Speaking of nut cases, I see Steve Slater is going to undergo mental testing. Good decision Steven because you’ve gotta know sweetie, that little temper tantrum you threw on the JetBlue flight, exiting on the inflatable chute could easily have killed people.   Some think you’re a folk hero.  I think you should throw your next “snit” in a jail cell.

     And what a surprise; the sex-for-hire advertising is still showing up on Craigslist and other places, simply under different titles.   Other places for example include Boston Phoenix newspaper.      As they say about ten-dollar hookers….”you get what you pay for.”    Same story with the Boston Phoenix…………….which is free.


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