Hour 1:

  • Fred has to get up early for the Deutsche Bank Championship.
  • Dan Roache fills in again.
  • Dan Shaughnessy takes shots at Roache’s coverage of the New England Patriots.
  • Delonte West has various videos out- and they are all ridiculous.
  • Fred has a lot to say about a shirtless Terry Francona.
  • Scalabrine probably won’t make the Celtics because of Delonte West.
  • Felger and Massarotti try to wrap their heads around Chat Roulette.
  • Male Bag: Scal, Delonte West and Adolfo backyard wrestling. And was Mark Sanchez at a Justin Bieber concert?

Hour 2:

  • NBA writer Gary Washburn calls in to talk about Delonte West.  Was Delonte West signed to get into the heads of Miami Heat? Is the rumor about him true? And what does this mean for Brian Scalabrine?
  • Clip of West’s rap in the drive through of a Kentucky Fried Chicken and other audio.
  • WBZ TV’s Jonny Miller calls in to talk about Victor Martinez. The Red Sox offered him a two-year contract. Is that insulting? Is Theo Epstein overrated?

Hour 3:

  • Chad Ochocinco is to hold a celebration for one week at Gillette. He wants to get a hold of the mascot gun.
  • Andy Hart of Patriots Weekly talks Pats. He says to look for roles in the final pre-season game. In Bill We Trust?
  • Rich Keefe has Red Sox head rest covers on his car. Fred makes fun of him for it. Apparently Keefe played golf with a Red Sox player who took a jab at Manny.
  • Fitzy: His real name, “Pocket Money,” and a Red Sox quiz.

Hour 4:

  • Anita Marks calls in from New York to talk about the Giants and the hit Eli Manning took. This interview had mixed feedback.
  • Dan Roache and his wife are apparently storm chasers.
  • Insults fly as Fred says despite Dan helping, the show wasn’t bad, and Dan calls the show simple.
  • You voted for it: Old people in pharmacies is the discussion.
  • Favorite elderly stories- Fred’s is depressing while Dan’s is funny.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss: Old people, Henry Rollins..twice, and more old people.