Hour 1

  • Rich is still out because of the birth of his baby. Is he really going to sleep at the hospital?
  • Baseball talk- Manny, Tampa Bay Rays and the Red Sox. What’s the point of even talking about the Sox anymore?
  • Clemens on trial, then plays golf.
  • Male Bag- Adolfo was threatened with a knife, Adolfo apartment stories, Bruins last season compared to Red Sox this season, Roger Clemens, NESN visits athlete homes and UFC.

Hour 2

  • Jerry Reinsdorf calls Jay Mariotti a pissant on ESPN.
  • Chicago Bulls owner Ken Davidolf called in to talk about Roger Clemens and what the trial could mean for Andy Pettitte. He admires Clemens for going against congress, though he doesn’t believe in his innocence.
  • Marcus Jordan tweets about dropping 50k at a strip club in Las Vegas.
  • Tony Washington was turned down for a pick by an anonymous NFL scout for having consensual sex with his 15-year-old biological sister when he was a minor.

Hour 3:

  • Brandon Meriweather audio, Rich, I mean Fred, does some Meriweather impressions and Pats talk.
  • David Richards, fantasy football expert, calls in. Fred hopes he knows his stuff since he has money on it. Richards also talks about rookies to look out for.
  • Rich calls in and talks about the birth of his son Max and Adolfo, who got a knife pulled on him and sounded drunk when he did some recaps.

Hour 4:

  • Boxing legend Micky Ward calls in to talk about his book, “Irish Thunder: The Hard Life and Times of Micky Ward.” The book will also be turned into a movie with Mark Wahlberg, who can apparently throw a punch.
  • Marc Savard rumors- His contract is still being looked at but will probably be left alone. Why is he still being shopped? Is it because he is not well-liked? The guys discuss the Cooke hit as an example.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Micky Ward, fantasy roster, Marc Savard, Hardy may join the show tomorrow, etc.
  • Crossover- Plan for tomorrow, music, Jon Grudin and more.

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