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As the Patriots prepare for the 2010 season, Gresh & Zo look at Laurence Maroney’s career up to this point, how he has contributed to the Pats’ running game, and whether or not he should be considered a first-round bust.

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  1. Alex says:

    I dont see anything happening where the patriots keep Laurence Maroney and dont try to look for a runningback in the draft next year. At his age there is no reason for him to be out of gas, which it seems like he is. Fred Taylor, Samy Morris, and Faulk are all getting old, and if we want a franchise back now is the time to do so. You guys were talking about Joseph Addai, forgetting about Marion Barber, Maroneys running mate at Minnesota.He went from being a feature back to now Felix Jones has taken his spot. He had his chance and I just dont see him being very productive for the rest of his career, I say we nix him after this year.

  2. Jay says:

    Hes a bust

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