Hour 1:

  • Red Sox hang on to win, Lackey struggles.
  • The boys discuss the rest of the Red Sox season and what it will take to make the playoffs
  • Guys Discuss guy who fell at the baseball game.
  • Hard Knocks and Television Censorship.  Is paid subscription television going to far?
  • Fred goes off about sanitized television.  Rich gets on Fred about setting the DVR to after 10.
  • Male Bag

Hour 2

  • Hard Knocks and Sport Illustrated Article that ignited this Pre-Season being a success.
  • Shake Weight Fun at Jets Camp.
  • Cromartie talking about his family and his kids and trying to remember their names and ages and his 8 kids.
  • The boys do the number crunching on 8 kids.
  • Wes Durham blows off the guys.
  • Replay of the Shawn Thornton’s interview from the day yesterday.

Hour 3:

  • More love lost for Brett Favre
  • Is Brad Childress the laughing stock of the Vikings?
  • The Brett Favre Press Conference Predictions review on what he would say.
  • Bert Breer joins the boys to talk about the Dirty Birds and Pats.
  • Faster Guy resurfaces after months of hibernation

Hour 4:

  • Rich plays Fantasy Football for the first time and gets Team Name suggestions.
  • Comedian Lewis Black joins the guys to talk about life, sports and swearing.
  • Lewis Black has a Freddie T moment and goes on a rant about swearing and censorship.
  • Wes Durham finally joins the boys to talk about Georgia Tech, the Dirty Birds and the Pats preseason game.
  • Talking about Atlanta Sports and their fan base.
  • Listen Now Discuss
  • Cross Over with Bertrand and Hardy.

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