A small piece of wood Roman Catholics believe is a piece of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified that was removed from Boston’s cathedral has been returned.

In a statement from the Boston Archdiocese, spokesman Terry Donilon said, “We are pleased to inform you of the good news that the Relic of the True Cross, which was taken from the Cathedral of the Holy Cross between June 30th and July 1st, has been recovered.”



The statement goes on to say, “We are grateful for the great work of the Boston Police Department in their search for the relic. Their professional and diligent work made this effort successful. We also extend our appreciation to the Vermont State Police who assisted in the recovery effort.”

A janitor first noticed that the panel covering a small glass box containing the relic had been pried open and the fragment stolen.

A transient staying in Royalton, Vermont, turned the relic into Vermont State Police on Aug. 9, but he has since disappeared. Police say they are searching for him now.

The relic arrived in Boston in the late 18th century, a gift to the Rev. Jean-Louis Lefebvre de Cheverus, who later became Boston’s first bishop.


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