A rare yellow lobster pulled from Narragansett Bay has died in a protective tank.
The University of Rhode Island was keeping the crustacean and blames its death on stress from too much attention and changes in air temperature.
The yellow lobster was considered to be a one-in-30-million find. It was caught last month by lobsterman Denny Ingram.
He temporarily made it available for display in the lobstermen’s co-op building at the State Pier in Newport. Ingram then gave the lobster to URI, which kept the lobster in a secluded protective tank.
Officials say the lobster had not eaten for several days and was found lifeless in the tank on Tuesday. URI marine research associate Edward Baker says in a statement  that the lobster was “stressed to death” before arriving at the university.

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    Want to know his name you had last night about 11:15 on 8.14.2010 or so.
    Not sure if I spelled his name right, can you tell me his correct name or is it Joseph Cardolas? I’am looking for his web site.


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