Hour 1:

  • The Shizzowie Challenge Continues – Attempt to correct Wallach so he loses his Aerosmith and J.Giles Tickets
  • Jim Gray and his blow out with Corey Pavin.
  • Tiger Woods and the Ryder Cup
  • Red Sox win discussed.
  • Wallach gets Shizzowie #2 of 3
  • Wallach gets on Fred about drinking the J. Giles Hater-Ade
  • Male Bag
  • Hard Knocks discussion

Hour 2:

  • Hard Knocks – Jets Camp episode reviewed and discussed
  • Andy Hart Editor from Patriots Weekly joins the guys to discuss the Pats Pre-Season Game 1 against the Saints.
  • Fred revisits his childhood and remembers the “Frankel Device” he had to wear as a child.
  • Texters and Instant Feedbackers get on Fred for being a “Fat Cow”
  • Corey Pavin and Jim Gray confrontation revisited.
  • Jim Gray is the Antithesis of Journalistic Integrity, as a result of “The Decision”
  • Lebron James can’t get out of his own way.

Hour 3:

  • Ben Jarvis Green-Day
  • The guys discuss the Patriots Roster and what the season holds for them.
  • They discuss the Patriots Pre-Season Game 1.
  • Hard Knocks and the Darrelle Revis situation, the team is ready to move on if he doesn’t come back by season start.

Hour 4:

  • Chinatown Batting Cage Viral Video discussion.  The guys talk to the videographer, Nicholas.
  • Kenny Roda from Cleveland’s WKNR calls in to discuss the Celtics, Shaq and Lebron James.
  • Listen Now Discuss
  • Cross Over with Bertrand and Hardy