I’m pretty sure my last posting (July 17) says about all you need to know about my thoughts regarding public education.  As good as Massachusetts is in the overall rankings (#1 by many standards) for the sake of some Obama money, (taxpayer dollars) this state goes into the tank to adopt new national standards.

     Oh they insist the MCAS will still apply in Massachusetts, but don’t you believe it.    MCAS will slowly slide under the rug and the proud educators in this state will soon have to keep pace with Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas.  Hee Hah!!!

     Even the Boston Globe, the leftiest newspaper in the country, forever siding with the liberal agenda, front page in today’s paper…”changes in store for MCAS; new test is possible.”   Believe it kids!

     Speaking of the today’s Globe, two quick observations:   Again front page..”On immigration, Patrick is measured.  In contrast to ’06, tries to appeal to both sides.”   That’s what we all like to see, a standup guy who wants to make both sides happy…the illegals and the vast majority which is the rest of us.

     And on page two, a four column picture of Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Barack Obama.   Three out of four (at least) of the people responsible for this country’s financial crisis and they’re celebrating financial overhaul.  Yikes!!

     Hang onto you wallet.


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