pitbullxlcbs1 Worcester strengthens laws for pit bulls


Another Massachusetts community is cracking down on pit bulls.

The Worcester City Council on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to an ordinance that imposes tighter restrictions on pit bull owners. A final decision will be made next month.

The law requires pit bulls to be leashed and muzzled when not on their owner’s property.

It also requires pit bull owners to place a warning sign on their property and notify authorities if their dog injures or threatens a person or animal.

Councilor William Eddy tells The Telegram & Gazette that while 2 percent of the dogs licensed in the city are pit bulls, 25 percent of all reported dog bites were caused by the breed.

Lynn last week passed an ordinance requiring pit bulls to be muzzled in public.

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  1. Beth says:

    My son has a Pit bull, he raised her correctly, he socialized her as a pup, introduced her to all sorts of people, had her play with other dogs. He has 3 children, whom she would protect if she felt they were in danger. she has never once bitten any one nor attacked she is truly a love bug. I blame owners for attacks, not the dogs. you need to train them correctly, give them love, socilaize them. Now in my town in 2 weeks, 2 bull dogs attacked 2 different children, 1 was a 2 year old old English bull dog, who was getting a treat from my neighbors child who he has known since a pup, and out of the blue he ripped his leg wide open requiring 50 stitches, no one read about this, the other boy was well publicized in lakeville, same town, different bull dog. Lets muzzle them.

  2. Michelle says:

    This is just pure racist behavior and Worchester is a very racist town. I want to see them start breed restrictions on breeds that deserve it and not just talk out of their ass. Why don’t they put people on tv to comment that know what they’re doing. I’ve worked with and know the breed for over 12 yrs and never had a problem with a dog that was trained right. Lets stop going after the breed and put the blame where it belongs, with the owners. I’ve worked very closely with animals and i was bit by other breeds. Pitbulls are the most gentle breed i’ve ever worked with and would trust them with kids before some other breeds. I wish the media would keep their opinions to themselves and research what they put on tv. Muzzle people not dogs. And what you require of one breed you should do to all breeds. Stop being RACISTS.

    1. Taxi says:

      Right on Michelle Right on. I own 2 and they are more behaved and loving than some teenagers and people i know

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