Carte Goodwin (AP file)

Carte Goodwin (AP file)

A bill to restore unemployment benefits to millions who have been out of work for more than six months has cleared a Senate hurdle.

The 60-40 vote came moments after Carte Goodwin, a successor to West Virginia Democrat Robert Byrd, was sworn in. Goodwin was the crucial 60th senator to defeat a Republican filibuster that has led to a lapse in benefits for 2.5 million people.

A battle has raged for months over whether jobless benefits should be financed with additional federal debt as Democrats want or through cuts to other government programs as most Republicans insist.

After a final Senate vote, the House will take up the bill Wednesday. President Barack Obama is likely to sign it into law by week’s end.

Comments (2)
  1. Jorge Guevara says:

    Muchos gracias! I’m so glad the Senate came to their senses and voted this in. This will help rescue our unemployed and help us get back on our feet. I just finished a paramedic course and was severely low on funding, and this will allow me to pay for the rest of the course and get MA certification. These emergency funds will allow for me to look for a job and be a qualified paramedic, get on an ambulance service and off unemployment. Plus, I’ll be saving lives! Thank you!!

  2. Bostonian123 says:

    Scott Brown voted NO against the hardworking people of Massachusetts that are facing unprecedented economic hardship due to a Republican president and his administration…It’s hearbreaking how Scott Brown is getting a pass by the media here in the not so great state of Mass since he took office…Our Lion, may he R.I.P, would have never vote No…Mr. Brown, enjoy your one-time-term…Massachusetts is taking notice…

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