Jon Keller

Keller At Large

Jon criticizes our criticism of Presidential downtime.

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  1. Richard Perez says:

    Obama could have sent a positive message to America by taking his family to the Gulf instead of Maine. Think of all the positive PR he would gain! But, Obama is only interested in one thing: himself. So, he chose the comfortable option rather than the right option. Too bad we have to suffer this narcisstic fool until 2012 when we can finally get rid of him.

  2. Regular Listener says:

    I agree that presidents need time away. I also know that the full capabilities of the White House follow him where ever he goes. And I too would rather be in Maine than Florida this time of year. However you kind of proven what a lot of people think about Obama. He is a hypocrite. You said that he has done plenty of cheerleading for Gulf tourism, yet he vacations elsewhere.

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