Hour One:

  • The boys settle back into the show after being on vacation.
  • The boys start off with Daisuke talk, the blown game and how long the game went on for almost 4 hours.
  • They talk about the NBA’s largest Free Agents and the documentary shenanigans of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.
  • They bring up that Shaq maybe coming to Boston to play for the Celtics and has a 2 year offer sheet.
  • Many listeners rejoiced at their return, there were also a few Male Bag messages about how they should stay on vacation.
  • Also covered in the Male Bag was Senator Byrd’s death, Fred’s Facebook message about giving his son the Heimlich.
  • The group bust on John Henry and his young bride and his trip to the movies and throw in some Senator Byrd sound clips.
  • They discuss John C. Reilly and his Steve Brule character and how much they love Check It Out!  with Dr. Steve Brule on Adult Swim.
  • John Wallach relives his golf outting during his vacation at Maple Gate CC in Bellingham talking about being alone on the gold course and it took him under 4 hours to complete 18 holes.
  • JeMarcus Russell is busted with Codien Syrup in an undercover sting operation.
  • They discuss the LeBron and D-Wade sweepstakes and it will be over or should be over by the end of the week.
  • The competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi’s arrested and they discuss how it all unfolded.

Hour Two:

  • Fred, Rich and Wallach start off the hour with a discussion about Deadspin.com and Sarah Palin’s “aroused” fan.
  • “Two if by Twitter, One if by Facebook” – NBA Free Agency, they discuss the social networking scene and the play in Free Agency Sweepstakes.  They name where players that were free agents and where they have either signed or resigned with their existing franchise.
  • Carmelo to the Knicks!? – Carmelo is rumored by the guys to NOT make the move to the Knicks just based on dollars and that he should and will probably stay in Denver just based on the fact that he will make tens of millions of dollars more in Denver then in New York.
  • “Cleveland Cav’s have fans!?” – A fan calls in talking about LeBron staying in Cleveland and about how past players have left at the top of their game and that LeBron owes the city of Cleveland something because he has basically done nothing for the city and the city has taken care of him, his mother and his entire entourage and in return the City has nothing to show for this loyality.  The guys give editorials on LeBron’s hype machine and brand and his Entourage.
  • The group discusses Byron Scott and that he is not a yes man and that Lebron may not get along with him or even win a championship, as a result of the coaching hire.  This current team will not get by an Orlando, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago team with the staff and players they currently have.
  • Entertainment with Rich – Elin Nordegren and the Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement revealed, $100 Million is going to be awarded to Elin for Tiger’s infidelity; Mel Gibson Goes Mad? – Mel is recorded by his ex girlfriend and the tapes are leaked and these are released at a time where he is seeking custody of his daughter.  Rich reads us the transcripts of the tapes; Box Office – #1 Twilight Eclipse, $175 Million, made $30 Million at the midnight screening alone.  According to Rich this movie made a buttload of MONEY.  #2 The Last Airbender made $53 million at the box office based on the Nickelodeon Cartoon Show.  #3 Toy Story 3

Hour Three:

  • Fred talks about his vacation
  • Jon Lester talks about the injuries plaguing the Red Sox
  • Ask A Pink Hat

Hour Four:

  • Taylor Twellman joins the show and rags on the boys about their planned parenthood methods.
  • “Paraguay’s Running of the Breasts” – Larissa Riquelme will run nude through the streets of Paraguay, even though the National Team was eliminated from the tournament, and the boys discuss with Taylor.  Taylor comments about jumping a plane to Paraguay.
  • They guys discuss the direction of the US Soccer program and what it takes for the US to do well in future FIFA World Cups.
  • Ghana vs Uruguay Controversy discussed.  The hand ball was obviously intentional, should the goal have coutned instead of the penalty kick?
  • “Freddie Fan-O” – Fred creates his own fan page and now Fred is taking flak for making the page because his popularity has exploded and his personal page can’t hold all the friends he has.
  • Rich’s Flight Back Recap – Rich talks about the annoying Singing Harmonica Pilot on the flight and how Rich only got a few hours sleep and was planning on sleeping on the flight home and he couldn’t because of “Howdy Doody” in the Cockpit.  Rich talks about this place in Dallas, Texas. It is Texas’ version of REHAB and how it caters to the Rock and Roll Scene.  Lots of plastic women and muscle heads were seen. Hank and Rich were the odd men out at the pool, as Hank pointed out a fat, saying “Breasts, breasts, breasts.”  Hanks sees first baseball game, the Fortworth Cats. Dodger the Kat came out in the middle of the game, refusing to give up a t-shirt he was swinging around, and Rich is ready to pounce the Kat.
  • “Closer to Jesus” – Scott Stapp from Creed meets Hank, and Rich realizes it and goes back down to talk to him and like the Holy Ghost he is gone.
  • Fred goes off about petting farms, Rich’s wife taking 1,700 photos and how he was bored out of his mind.
  • Listened, Now Discuss! – Callers call into the program to contribute.
  • “The Reading Corner” by Fred Toucher – “The Bad Guys Won,” by Jeff Perlman about the ’86 Mets is a good read.  Fred’s book to avoid “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints” ; Autobiography recommendation –  “The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon,” by John Joseph lead singer of the Cro-Mags.
  • Caller Recommends “4,000 Days: My Life and Survival in a Bangkok Prison” by Warren Fellows, this peeks Fred’s curiosity.
  • Topics arising: Blake Wheeler arbitration, Fred’s mother-in-law and his move.
  • Cross over with Andy Gresh and Dan Roche.

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