Researched and Written by Donna Halper

WBZ Airstaff 1973

(credit:WBZ Archive Photo)

Lovell Dyett

(credit:WBZ Archive Photo)

1971: Lovell Dyett joins the WBZ airstaff, doing a weekend airshift.

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September 21, 1971: 50th anniversary celebration, festivities held in Springfield, MA at the Eastern States Exposition, where WBZ made its first broadcast back in September 1921.

1972: Gil Santos is now doing the Patriots broadcasts along with Gino Cappelletti.

1973: In response to the energy crisis, WBZ sets up a system to encourage carpooling – the “Commuter Computer” matches up thousands of people and wins several awards for public service.

Joe Green

Joe Green (credit:WBZ Archive Photo)

1974: WBZ has moved away from top-40 music to a more Adult Contemporary sound.

May 10, 1976: Joe Green and the BZ Traffic Copter save the life of Salvatore Simonelli, whose kayak had capsized on the Merrimack River.

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Bob Raleigh

Bob Raleigh (credit:WBZ Archive Photo)

July 1976: Bob Raleigh comes over from a competitor (WHDH) to do the 9 am to 1 pm shift. Also that year, Dave Maynard is moved from his previous shift (the one Raleigh would now be doing) into afternoon drive (2 to 6 pm); Dave is now joined by an afternoon news and information team that included Joe Green doing traffic, Norm McDonald with weather, Stephen Smith with news, and Guy Mainella with sports.

May 1977: WBZ is one of only three U.S. radio stations chosen to test AM stereo; a report was then submitted to the FCC for further study of AM stereo’s potential.

1978: “Calling All Sports” is now hosted by Upton Bell and newcomer Bob Lobel. And in July, Bruce Bradley returns to WBZ; he had been working on air in Philadelphia.

Calling All Sports

Calling All Sports (credit:WBZ Archive Photo)

August 1978: Dave Maynard moves to a waterfront home on the Charles River to raise money for Catholic Charities.

1979: WBZ gets a new mobile studio and a new slogan– “We’re All About New England.”

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