The league has made it clear that Matt Cooke will not receive a suspension for the vicious cheap shot he gave to Marc Savard. Colin Campbell explained their decision was due in part to them staying “consistent.” Well I for one can say congratulations guys because you did maintain your consistency for being completely inconsistent and absolutely horrible at your job.

I’ve put together a short (very short) list of what Colin Campbell likes to call being consistent when it comes to handing down suspensions.

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2-Games – Randy Jones for almost killing Patrice Bergeron and ending his season.
6-Games – Sean Avery for saying “sloppy seconds” (possibly the most laughable of the list)
2-Games – Scott Hartnell for a cheap shot on Andrew Alberts which resulted in a concussion.
NOTHING – Mike Komisarek for crosschecking Milan Lucic in the face.
1-Game – Milan Lucic for high-sticking Maxim Lapierre. (this will be revisited)
NOTHING – Scott Walker’s sucker punch on Aaron Ward.
2-Games – Matt Cooke hit to the head on Scott Walker.
2-Games – Matt Cooke hit to the head on Artem Anisimov.
NOTHING – Mike Richards hit to the head on David Booth. (another reason there was no suspension on Savard’s hit)
NOTHING – Matt Cooke hit to the head on Marc Savard resulting in a concussion and probably ending his season.

So what have we learned? Well apparently being a smart ass is a far worse offense in the eyes of the NHL then almost ending a player’s career. As far as the Booth hit, I’m guessing they feel deep down that they should have given Mike Richards a suspension, but because they didn’t and their egos are way too big to admit being wrong they are pulling this “staying consistent” garbage.

I have two statements made by Colin Campbell that I’d like to bring to light. The first is his explanation yesterday afternoon regarding his decision to not suspend Matt Cooke.

“No one likes when a player like Marc Savard goes down the way he did. No one likes when a player like David Booth goes down the way he did. But we have to be consistent. I know Matt Cooke is a repeat offender. He’s been suspended twice in the last year. [But] I can’t suspend Matt Cooke for being a repeat offender. I have to find a reason. Right now our rules say that shoulders to head are legal. Matt Cooke did not jump, and did not do anything that we found illegal in his actions, even though, again, you don’t like what happened.”

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The next one is Colin’s official statement last April after suspending Milan Lucic for 1-game in the Playoffs, during the Montreal series.

“While it is unclear whether Lucic’s glove or stick makes contact with Lapierre, what is clear is that he delivered a reckless and forceful blow to the head of his opponent.”

Now can anyone tell me how Matt Cooke’s hit on Savard wasn’t a reckless and forceful blow to the head? ANYONE???

Where is your consistency now Mr. Campbell? This paired with the 6-games Sean Avery got for running his mouth about an ex-girlfriend sends a horrible message with regards to the leagues stance on their players safety. Or maybe they all just have huge crushes on Elisha Cuthbert.

Now of course we have the question of the Bruins seeking retribution for their fallen brother on March 18th, when the Penguins and Matt Cooke come to the Garden… I have two thoughts on this, what I WANT to happen and what I THINK will happen. What I want (especially since I’ll be in attendance that night) is a SLAP SHOT inspired blood bath! If you’re wearing a Spoked-B and breathing I want you barreling full steam into the closest Penguin near you! But what I think will realistically happen is a bit different. We’ll see a very intense, emotion filled game with some decent hitting and maybe even a fight or two occurring before the end of the night. But I highly doubt Matt Cooke will be the one to drop the gloves, especially if his sweater’s being yanked on by Shawn Thornton. Kind of like in the Nov. 1, 2008 game against the Dallas Stars where all anyone wanted was for Steve Ott to drop them and take his medicine for being an unbelievable pest all night. But it never happened.

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I guess all we can do is wait and see at this point, and of course send Savvy our best and hope for a quick & healthy recovery.