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So it comes down to this, Aaron Ward wants back in with the Black and Gold. He was placed on waivers by the Hurricanes who continue to battle Toronto for the bottom of the barrel in the East yet they lead the Bruins in goals scored but don’t get me started on Offense we’re talking Defense.

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So what would it hurt to bring back the mouthpiece of the B’s, after all aren’t the Bruins suppose to be having fun? That’s what everyone tells us, “we just need to go out there, grind it out and have fun”. Well I got news for you, that strategy isn’t working, so I say, give the old man another shot.

Old guys are good to have around for more than one reason. They lend a veteran presence, they’ll work harder to impress the boss and you never know when they’ll get hammered out of their skulls and give you great audio. Now I realize some of you may say Ward doesn’t skate the way he use to and he’s not really the missing piece to the Bruins puzzle but just the word of him wanting to return to Boston already has the fans buzzing. So it cost a draft pick, it’ll be a low one and the price tag is just right.

Sometimes it’s all about chemistry and when you have a talented team like the Bruins all it takes is for management to make one wrong move and “POOF” there goes your team chemistry, The Patriots are about to make that mistake by putting the franchise tag on Vince Wilfork. You mark my word, you piss off Vince, the chemistry falls out of balance  then the team divides and before you know it, Wilfork is playing in Miami and the Pats never win the AFC east again, but back to old guys and what they mean.

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The Bruins are spiraling out of control and even if Wards play does little if anything to stop the bleeding think of what it means to us the fan. It lets us know that while it is a business there’s still someone upstairs who knows a thing or two about keeping certain elements of a successful team intact.

Look at the Celtics, a heartbreaking loss to the Lakers, they can’t seem to beat the Hawks but the stands are full of people who turn out night after night to root for the old guys. Do you know why certain people get elected, old people that’s why, if you’re an old guy it’s okay to plow through a crowded Walmart and run over a dozen people and you know why, cause their old. My Dad’s 85 years old and yet it’s perfectly acceptable for him to smack the waitress on her ass or explain to her he no longer has sex with his sons because they got older and fought back. What’s the worst thing to happen to the Bruins if Aaron Ward comes back? Nothing what so ever Bruins fans, they’re already playing themselves out of the eighth spot so why not at least have some fun and bring the old guy back.

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I’ve already told you why it makes sense so hopefully someone upstairs is really bored one night thinking they’re going to find real sports on the site and come across this blog. He’s a boost to the team, he’s a sharp dresser, although one would imagine with the recent waiving maybe Dominick his personal tailor has also been given the boot, and it won’t dent the budget. You’d be surprised what a guy with a lot of experience brings to the table, especially if he’s a guy with the right attitude who doesn’t tip the scales when it comes to the price tag. Every good team needs an old guy and at 37 Ward isn’t exactly over the hill , then again neither is 40 or even 43 over the hill for that matter. If Aaron Ward wants back in Boston I say open up the doors to the Garden and bring him back with all the fanfare he deserves.

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I’m not just saying this for the radio either I mean we can’t move White Boy Wednesday with Scalabrine so we’d have to come up with another slot for him, maybe senior Saturdays. Wait, Toucher and Rich aren’t on the weekends, how silly of me, boy us old guys are so forgetful. Speaking of forgetting things it’s 8:15 and way past my bedtime so I guess I’ll get a good nights sleep so I can face Monday with a positive working attitude. Good luck Aaron, I hope you’ll be back in a Bruins jersey in no time, I look forward to watching you play and I really look forward to seeing what next year brings should the B’s miss the playoffs this year. I know you’ll add some much-needed heart to this team and you’re not ready to hang up your skates. I’m behind Aaron 100%, after all I believe the old man deserves another shot.