Looking At The Law

Looking At The Law with Neil Chayet

Under Control

WBZ's Neil Chayet says if you live in a rent-controlled apartment, does that mean you are on public assistance?

Lemon Aid

WBZ's Neil Chayet says it isn't often but sometimes the consumer hauls in a big one.

Hold The Mustard

WBZ's Neil Chayet looks at a case involving ham sandwiches sold by Starbucks.

Nice To Sue You Again

WBZ's Neil Chayet warns one of the dangers of running a law school is you never know when one of your students will come back and sue you.

Open Sesame

WBZ's Neil Chayet looks at a case involving gated communities.

The Weakest Links

WBZ's Neil Chayet says laws are like sausages, it's better to see them not being made.

Nightmare In The Caribbean

WBZ's Neil Chayet warns to be careful on vacation as tragedy never takes one.

No Springtime For Hitler

WBZ's Neil Chayet says if kids are being harassed because of their religion in school, school officials better get religion or else.

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, Uh-Oh

WBZ's Neil Chayet has a case involving some snowy white owls.

And You Thawed It Would Be Forever

WBZ's Neil Chayet says freezing eggs and sperm is big business but sometimes it can lead to a court case.

Bones Of Contention

WBZ's Neil Chayet explains the sales struggles of online pet stores.


WBZ's Neil Chayet looks into how terrorist victims now see their day in court.

Trump Carded

WBZ's Neil Chayet says in this case Donald Trump is fighting in court over his university.

Close But No Cigar

WBZ's Neil Chayet says in this case former Cuban prisoner Alan Gross has ended up in court against the U.S. government.

Tax Free Holy Digs

WBZ's Neil Chayet takes a look at the idea of the clergy getting tax breaks.



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