Looking At The Law

Looking At The Law with Neil Chayet

Death In The Fast Lake

WBZ's Neil Chayet discusses when a boat ride may become a boat race.

Hi Fidelity, Bye Fidelity

WBZ's Neil Chayet reveals whether you can you sue your husband's mistress.


WBZ's Neil Chayet has a case of a mini-car becoming a maxi problem.

A Fish Tale

WBZ's Neil Chayet warns that the scales of justice don't always fall in your favor.

Tuition Fruition

WBZ's Neil Chayet has a case where a private school tuition became too much for one parent to handle.

Bowing To Stern Fees

WBZ's Neil Chayet reveals whether a town can charge non-residents who use a harbor more than residents.

In the Name of the Father

WBZ's Neil Chayet reveals in this case whether a court can order a mother to say nice things about the father.

Poetic Justice

WBZ's Neil Chayet says bankruptcy cases can be dark and dreary but not when a judge waxes poetic on the situation at hand.

It Happens

WBZ's Neil Chayet warns that the front row seat at the circus may not be what it's cracked up to be.

A Catastrophic Result

WBZ's Neil Chayet has a case of the talking cat and the fur really flew in this one.

No Brainer

WBZ's Neil Chayet tells of an unusual case in which the defendant's death did not end the trial.

You Can't Take It With You

WBZ's Neil Chayet has a case in which a Catholic Archdiocese fell into a grave situation after transferring money to a cemetery trust fund.

Down On Skid Row

WBZ's Neil Chayet says protests are getting complicated, particularly when they involve the sidewalk.

Climbing The Great Wall

WBZ's Neil Chayet says the wheels of justice grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine.


WBZ's Neil Chayet reveals what happens when man's best friend turns out to be a defendant's worst enemy.