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Looking At The Law

Looking At The Law with Neil Chayet


WBZ's Neil Chayet says Twitter and Facebook are making it easier to find potential clients in class action lawsuits.

Crazy In A Can

WBZ's Neil Chayet has a case that holds a manufacturer responsible for an individual's actions.

A Tortured Result

WBZ's Neil Chayet takes a took at a case involving officers utilizing torture.

Headlock Headache

WBZ's Neil Chayet says in this case, one has to play by the rules in order to win the game.

The Bare Facts

WBZ's Neil Chayet says all workers are entitled to the same benefits, including employees at the Sapphire.

A Chilling Encounter

WBZ's Neil Chayet discusses whether police who leave someone by the side of the road to freeze to death are responsible for that death.

Diminished Faculties

WBZ's Neil Chayet says in this case all faculty members are not created equal.

Rent Rant

WBZ's Neil Chayet says paying tenants has reached new heights in San Francisco.

Lust & Trust

WBZ's Neil Chayet warns that lawyers who have sex with their clients' wives may not just feel the wrath of their client.

Kings Court

WBZ's Neil Chayet says Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is still teaching us a valuable lesson.

No Home On The Range

WBZ's Neil Chayet explains what could happen if you promise to marry a lawyer and you decide to change your mind.

S'No Problem

WBZ's Neil Chayet says lawsuits over snowmobiling accidents can face tough sledding.

Tipping The Scales

WBZ's Neil Chayet ponders if a 470 pound man wants to do something about his weight, will his health insurance company get in the way?

Icing On The Lake

WBZ's Neil Chayet warns the grass is not necessarily greener in the other person's ice house.

Burn Baby Burn

WBZ's Neil Chayet says in this case taking down your Christmas decorations goes to a whole new level.



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