Townie Trivia: How Much Do You Know About Quincy?

March 21, 2014 6:15 AM

(photo courtesy: Sswonk/Wikipedia Commons)

(photo courtesy: Sswonk/Wikipedia Commons)

(photo courtesy: Sswonk/Wikipedia Commons)

(photo courtesy: Sswonk/Wikipedia Commons)

For starts, it’s pronounced Kwin-zee. If you can get past that — which a lot of non-locals cannot — there’s a lot to know about the city located just to the south of Boston. So, test your knowledge. How much do you know about Quincy?

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1. What is Quincy’s nickname?
A. City of Politics
B. City of History
C. City of Presidents
D. City of Firsts

2. Quincy was home to which of these transportation firsts?
A. First commercial airport
B. First commercial railroad
C. First turnpike
D. First ferry system

3. Which two restaurant chains were founded in Quincy?
A. Howard Johnson’s and Dunkin Donuts
B. Dunkin Donuts and Legal Seafoods
C. Friendly’s and Legal Seafoods
D. Bertucci’s and Friendly’s

4. Which Massachusetts rock band is from Quincy?
A. Aerosmith
B. The Lemonheads
C. Guster
D. Dropkick Murphys

5. Quincy has the longest running parade for which holiday?
A. Flag Day
B. Fourth of July
C. St. Patrick’s Day
D. Easter

6. Which unique educational institution used to operate in Quincy?
A. A woodworking academy
B. A shipyard education school
C. A baking institute
D. An agricultural high school

7. Quincy has had a number of professional sports teams. Which sport did “The Shipbuilders” play?
A. Football
B. Basketball
C. Baseball
D. Soccer

8. Which supermarket’s corporate headquarters are located in Quincy?
A. Shaw’s/Star Market
B. Trader Joes
C. Victory
D. Stop & Shop

9. Other than John Adams, which historical politician and signer of the Declaration of Independence was from Quincy?
A. Samuel Adams
B. Robert Treat Paine
C. Elbridge Gerry
D. John Hancock

10. Which professional athlete does not call Quincy his hometown?
A. Pete Kendall, former Washington Redskins offensive lineman
B. Brandon Gomes, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher
C. Mike Mottau, Florida Panthers defenseman
D. Wilbert Robinson, former Baltimore Oriels catcher

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