Guide To Microbrewery Tours In Massachusetts

May 24, 2011 4:22 PM

(Credit: Harpoon Brewery/Facebook)

In the 25+ years since Jim Koch first started pouring Samuel Adams, beer has become a booming business in Massachusetts. The Sam Adams Brewery is one of many in the state that offers tours of its facilities. Splashed all over the state, microbreweries provide a wide variety of craft beers that are made from one-of-a-kind recipes. Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism has put together a small sampling of some of the state’s other microbreweries that are worth touring.

gardner Guide To Microbrewery Tours In Massachusetts

(Credit: Gardner Ale House/Facebook)

Gardner Ale House

74 Parker Street
Gardner, MA


With a focus on community, this brewpub participates in chamber events, donates to local charities and makes an effort to bring the people of the area together. Whether it’s a bite to eat off of their bistro-style menu or a sip of one of their six distinctive house-made brews (which are always on rotation – with a new beer almost always on tap), this Ale House provides the best food, drink and entertainment in the area. Their best seller, Rocker Red, is made with English style ale yeast and black patent malt. Dunkelweizen, a German dark wheat beer, goes down easy because the special yeast produces a fruity taste.

harpoon Guide To Microbrewery Tours In Massachusetts

(Credit: Harpoon Brewery/Facebook)

Harpoon Brewery

306 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA


One of the Bay State’s best known brews, Harpoon was created in ’86 by two guys who just plain ol’ love beer. After college, they traveled across Europe and saw firsthand how important local breweries were to their communities. They wanted to bring that to Massachusetts so, that’s what they did. Now, 20 years later, they have created a successful business by focusing on two things: brewing great beer and welcoming customers to their breweries. Offering seasonal brews like Winter Warmer and Chocolate Stout amongst classic Harpoon favorites- Cider, UFO White, and Belgium Pale Ale to entice the palette of any beer guru.

mayflower Guide To Microbrewery Tours In Massachusetts

(Credit: Mayflower Brewery/Facebook)

Mayflower Brewery

12 Resnik Rd
Plymouth, MA


Founded by the tenth great-grandson of John Alden, who was the beer barrel cooper on board the Mayflower, this microbrewery is dedicated to celebrating the history and legacy of the Pilgrims by creating unique, high-quality ales for the New England market. Special brews include IPA India Pale Ale and Golden Ale. Their darkest brew, Porter, is a blend of three distinct ales.

wachusett1 Guide To Microbrewery Tours In Massachusetts

(Credit: Wachusett Brewery/Facebook)

Wachusett Brewing

175 State Road East
Westminster, MA


Founded by three friends from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (yes, engineers), who gave up their careers to create the first craft brewery in their area – all for the love of beer. The three are involved in every aspect of the brewery; they designed and hand-built most of the original machinery. Even the image used on the product’s original artwork is of the farm that one of the founders grew up on. Unique blends include Wachusett Winter, Quinn’s Amber Ale, and Wachusett Milk Stout among many others.

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