DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Matthew In Seven Hills Park

July 9, 2012 6:25 AM

dyr boston DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Matthew In Seven Hills Park

“It can’t be that difficult to produce a vehicle that is comfortable and environmentally responsible.”

The Ride
The Driver: Matthew
Car in Question: Black 2008 Honda CR-V
Spotted at: Seven Hills Park in Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144
Odometer: 74,312
Car’s Nickname: Suki


Q: Hi Matthew. Where do you live? What’s your zip code? And how old are you?

A: Teele Square, Somerville 02144. Thirty-one.

Q: Your car’s nickname is Suki. Where did that come from?

A: Based on a character from Gilmore Girls. I had a second car named Lorelai. If you get the connection, we would probably be best friends.

Q: What is your car’s main use?

A: Transportation to and from work, stores, beaches.

Q: Are you using it for weekend trips? If so, where to?

A: Yes. Heading to New Hampshire, Maine, New York. Wherever is within six hours really.

Q: Where did you get your car?

A: I bought it from a now defunct Saturn dealership in Medford, Massachusetts. It was lightly used. I knew what I wanted, and what options I needed to have. They had me test drive some Saturn VUEs just for fun I guess, but I knew the vehicle I wanted was the CR-V.

Q: How long have you had it?

A: I bought this car three years ago after searching through ads online. I think it is the longest I’ve ever owned a car. I get bored pretty quickly and like to change vehicles every two years or so. This is my sixth car.

Q: Where is the farthest place you’ve driven to with this car?

A: Last year my boyfriend and I took it to Florida for a two-week vacation, driving down the East Coast.

Q: Do you have any rules in your car?

A: No smoking because it makes being in the car a horrible experience.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a driver?

A: I’m definitely aggressive when people are in need of having their driving skills freshened up. I once got into two car chases in one day.

Q: Really!?

A: Yes. I was the one being chased. But I can also be very accommodating to others when situations warrant it. Just follow the rules of the road and we’ll get along fine!

Q: As an aggressive driver, how do you feel about the possibility of your neighborhood adding bike lanes in the streets?

A: I think it’s a great idea in theory, but bike lanes won’t solve the problem of bikers not following the rules of the road. It’s only going to encourage them to believe they have even more of a right of way than they actually do. In Boston, it’s difficult enough to drive a car around on these streets. Adding bicycles to the mix just adds to the craziness.

Q: What do you think your next car will realistically be?

A: Although I love my CR-V, I do miss having something a bit less basic. I’m considering an Audi Q5 and a Mercedes GLK for a next vehicle. Or if I feel guilty about having two SUVs, a Prius.

Photos and interview by Lucie Wicker

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