DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mary Outside Of Jose’s Mexican Restaurant

July 16, 2012 6:20 AM

dyr boston DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mary Outside Of Joses Mexican Restaurant

“My dream car would be the Batmoblie.”

The Ride
The Driver: Mary
Car in Question: Gray 2006 Volkswagen Passat
Spotted at: Jose’s Mexican Restaurant, Cambridge, MA 02140
Odometer: 68,283
Car’s Nickname: Mitch


Q: Hi Mary! Welcome to Defend Your Ride Boston. Tell us about your ride. What’s its main use?

A: Mainly for work. We live in the city, so we usually opt to walk or take the T, if we can. It would be a pretty tough commute otherwise—an hour and a half each way. It’s the first car that we bought on our own.

Q: Where did you get your car?

A: We bought the car used from a Massachusetts dealership and it was fine. Definitely better than a previous dealership we visited. Buying a car isn’t exactly on my list of fun shopping experiences. I think what helped was that we set a budget, thought about what kinds of cars would fit our needs, and did a lot of research on websites so we would have a good idea of what prices were fair. It had everything we wanted and was within our budget.

Q: What’s your favorite and worst part of your commute?

A: My favorite part is driving through my neighborhood and then driving by Fenway on the Pike. The worst part is the rest of it!

Q: Have you taken any trips with this car?

A: Just mini ones to Connecticut and New York City.

Q: Who do you typically go with?

A: My boyfriend and a few of our friends.

Q: So the farthest you’ve gone is New York City?

A: So far. Hopefully we’ll get take it on a bigger road trip in the near future.

Q: If your car had a human emotion, what would it be?

A: I hope happy!

Q: What is your ultimate dream car?

A: The Batmobile.

Q: Naturally! Is there anything else we should know about your sweet ride?

A: It has an umbrella holder on the driver-side door! How random is that!?

Photos and interview by Lucie Wicker

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