DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Drea At TD Banknorth Garden

February 6, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr boston DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Drea At TD Banknorth Garden

“It’s a little-big car. Deceptive in its size.”

The Ride
The Driver: Drea
Car in Question: 2007 Toyota Scion TC
Spotted at: TD Banknorth Garden, 100 Legends Way, Boston, MA 02114
Odometer: 87,000


Q: Hi Drea! We spotted your car at the TD Banknorth Garden. What are you doing here today?

A: I’m actually a very big sports fan. I also have a lot of friends in the area, and work with a couple of bars in the area, so I’m generally here a lot. At the very least, I’m here twice a week. I’m a photographer.

Q: What made you buy the Toyota Scion TC?

A: I was looking for a small-big car. Working in the city of Boston, you have to have a car that will fit in small parking spots, random alleyways, and things like that. You need the car to be small, but since I carry a lot of equipment, I need to make sure the car is big enough to carry everything. I often have to carry lighting equipment, wardrobe, cameras, you name it, my car has carried it for a shoot.

Q: What’s the largest thing you’ve fit in this car?

A: Right now, it would have to be a snow cone machine with all of my lighting equipment. All of lighting equipment was in the back with the seats folded down. I had the snow cone machine riding in my passenger seat.

Q: It certainly fits more than I would have thought. Is that your favorite thing about your car?

A: I like that it’s a standard. It sounds weird living near a city, but I love standard vehicles. I feel like you have a little more control over it. Also, it’s fun to drive and gets about 28 miles to the gallon.

Q: Is mileage important to you?

A: It is. After this car, I’m going to probably look at some sort of hybrid. Some sort of electric car, or just hybrid vehicle, because I just feel it’s a little responsible, but economical as well. The way gas prices have been, it’s kind of ridiculous. I’ve put 16,000 miles on the car in a year. It’s a little high.

Q: What do people most comment on about your car?

A: That it’s a little-big car. People look at the car and they’re like, “Wow, that’s a small car.” Then they see it packed full of my equipment and they’ll say, “You fit all of that in your car?” and I’ll say, “Yup, it’s a little deceptive in its size.” I’ve had people sit in the backseat, expecting to be squished, and they’re perfectly comfortable.

Q: Is work your main use for your car?

A: It takes me to wherever my clients are, whether it’s an obscure golf course in Central Mass, or down to Philadelphia, or to New York. It’s just a great point A to point B car.

Q: What is the craziest place you’ve ever driven this car?

A: I don’t recommend it, and I will say it’s not a place, more than it was a situation. I was driving down I-84 to visit my friend in Philadelphia. It was pouring and the rain was blinding. The road started to get deserted and the only things on the road were these monstrous Mac trucks and us. They were doing 100 and driving like it was dry weather. All of the sudden, I heard screeching breaks. I turned around and probably about 10-feet or less was a Mac truck coming right up on my car. I floored it, swerved, and my car tail-spinned a little bit. The car didn’t hit anything. I just sat there saying, “Wow!”

Q: Seems like it reacted well in a rainstorm. How does it do driving around Boston?

A: It does remarkable well. The biggest thing about Boston driving is that it’s not so much the cars, as it is the driver. You have to realize there are a lot of idiots, and I don’t just mean in cars. There are people who walk around not paying attention, and will walk right in front of your car. There are bikers who are not paying attention, and if you’re not paying attention, they will pull up right next to your car. You just have to be aware of everything because everything is an obstacle and everything moves.

Photos and interview by Melissa Ostrow

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