Boston’s Best Places For Teeth Whitening

October 9, 2012 4:00 AM

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dental Bostons Best Places For Teeth Whitening

(Photo credit: ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images

You see it in study after study, the first thing people notice when meeting someone new is their smile. Whether you are looking for a new job, a new relationship or just want to put your best foot forward, a big smile says you’re happy and confident. Or at least that’s what your smile should say about you. If you’re smile is at less than its best, it might be dragging you down. The quickest, most affordable and easiest way to give your grin a boost is to go to one of Boston’s best dentists for teeth whitening.
Boston Center For Oral Health
400 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 536-4620

Tech-savvy patients and people who are always on the go will appreciate how web-friendly this dentist’s office is. All of its new patient forms may be found online, so you may fill them out before you get to the office. It’s even possible to make appointments at the Boston Center for Oral Health through its online contact form. While looking through its user-friendly website or setting up your teeth-whitening appointment, be sure to check out its before-and-after gallery of smiles. If affordability is a concern, the Boston Center For Oral Health even offers financing options for patients.

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Newbury Dental Associates
274 Newbury St.
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 262-0106

Newbury Dental Associates is one of several Gentle Dental offices located in and around Boston. The Newbury Street location offers the same ultra-modern equipment and offices as other Gentle Dental locations, but it really stands out when it comes to teeth whitening in Boston. The Newbury Street office is easy to get to by car or by Green Line. But more than that, the warmth and friendliness are the No.1 reason to go to Newbury Dental Associates for your teeth whitening. If you’re a little nervous about the procedure, or about going to the dentist in general, the staff at Newbury Dental Associates will quickly put you at ease.

Smiles By Rosie
6 Kensington Ave.
Somerville, MA 02145
(617) 623-2100

Smiles By Rosie, a dental office run by Rosie Wagner, may be one of the newer dental offices in the greater Boston area, but it is also one of the nicest. In addition, they have a state-of-the-art facility that is perfect for teeth whitening as well as basic and cosmetic dentistry. Smiles By Rosie offers friendly, patient-oriented service. If you’re a parent, you’ll be glad to know Smiles By Rosie has a bright, fun playroom where your kids may wait while you’re getting your teeth whitening done. Before your procedure, Wagner will give you a complete cost breakdown so you know exactly what to expect when it comes to the cost. There are no surprises at Smiles by Rosie, you’ll get a whiter smile at the price you were quoted in a friendly, comfortable environment.

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Daniel J. Bley, DDS
2 Center Plaza
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 227-8536

Daniel Bley offers state-of-the-art teeth whitening in a modern professional office. On top of that, his office also offers some of the friendliest service you’ll find in a Boston dentist’s office. Patients rave about everyone from his receptionist to his dental hygienists. He is responsive to patient needs, even making himself available on weekends when necessary. He also understands budgets and works to make whitening as painless as possible all around.

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
1 Kneeland St.
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 636-6828

If you’ve ever had a dental emergency, lacked insurance or have lacked funds to pay for an expensive dental procedure, you may already be aware of the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. What you may not realize is that teeth whitening is one of the many services offered at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Take advantage of modestly priced dental procedures as part of its dental school program, which gives students the opportunity to practice their skills on patients. All of Tufts’ student dentists are carefully overseen by licensed dentists. While you may end up with more than one dentist, or dentist in training, looking at your teeth during the whitening procedure, the discounted rate for a top-notch, professionally done whitening more than makes up for it.

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