Boston’s Best Middle Eastern Restaurants

January 28, 2012 2:09 PM

(Photo Credit: Boston Kabob Company)

– Steve Saleeba, CBS Boston

I grew up on Middle Eastern food. After my French-Canadian grandmother married my Lebanese grandfather, she spent most of the rest of her life successfully mastering the art of Middle Eastern Cuisine.

She set the bar very high when it came to Middle Eastern food. And while there are plenty of Arab, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean restaurants around Boston, only a handful actually compare to what she could whip up. Here are Boston’s top Middle Eastern restaurants on my list.


king Bostons Best Middle Eastern Restaurants

(Photo Credit: Falafel King)

What to recommend… What to recommend… Oh, I know, try a Falafel wrap. This place is not the prettiest participant in the pageant, but good taste isn’t just about appearance. The folks behind the counter can cook. The King’s special takes The King’s specialty (Falafel) and combines it with a choice of chicken, lamb, or beef. If you want to keep it authentic, go with the lamb.

boston kabob company Bostons Best Middle Eastern Restaurants

(Photo Credit: Boston Kabob Company)

Your taste buds will quickly substantiate that the slogan on Boston Kabob Company’s website is accurate. “We always use only the freshest ingredients,” it reads. And let’s face it, fresh ingredients make everything taste better. They even bake their own pita bread! Sure, the phone number is 617-254-BEEF, but if you really want to taste “fresh,” try the Signature Veggie plate (Falafel, hummus, baba ghannouj, Middle East salad, and tabouleh served with pickles, green olives and pita bread).


barada Bostons Best Middle Eastern Restaurants

(Photo Credit: Cafe Barada/Facebook)

For starters, Cafe Barada is CASH ONLY!!! It’s a simple sit-down restaurant with a cute and cozy atmosphere. Cafe Barada boasts a fantastic assortment of traditional and authentic Middle Eastern fare. Bemia, Kibby, Lubia, and Fatoosh are a few of

garlic n lemons Bostons Best Middle Eastern Restaurants

(Photo Credit: Aaron Strader)

This cafeteria-style eatery boasts some of the most succulent Shawarma around. Also, the stuffed grape leaves are divine, packed with a few fantastic flavors, including hints of both Garlic ‘n Lemons.


oleana Bostons Best Middle Eastern Restaurants

(Photo Credit: Oleana)

In Middle Eastern cuisine, the proper mix of spices can transform mush into magnificence (we’re talking to you, ‘Spiced Carrot Puree’). Oleana Executive Chef Ana Sortun has mastered the art of balancing some of the finest spices in the world. Oleana’s dishes draw inspiration (and spices) from all over the Middle East.

And if you’re a nervous novice when it comes to Middle Eastern, don’t worry. Oleana’s menu offers a little Middle Eastern food cheat sheet at the bottom.

Know any other great Middle Eastern restaurants in around Boston? Let us know in the comments section below. (I might even try a few of them).