Boston’s Best Bark-Worthy Pet Bakery

March 2, 2012 2:04 AM

(Photo Credit: Cause to Paws)

– By Lauren O’Neill

Everyone likes to indulge in a sweet treat now and again; and your best four legged friend is no exception. Whether they have a special occasion on the horizon; graduation from puppy school or a birthday perhaps?; or you are just looking to spoil them with extra special goodies, any one of these bark worthy pet bakeries will do the trick. You might even be tempted to get a taste, just remember, they’re for your dog!

homeimage12 Bostons Best Bark Worthy Pet Bakery

(Photo Credit: Polkadog Bakery)

Polkadog is the creme de la creme of pet Bakeries, be ready to seriously spoil your pup. Candy jars overflowing with dried chicken livers and beef; an indulgent  buffet of artisanal dog cakes and brownies; and even more gourmet goodies await. This place puppy heaven for sure.

dtreat1 Bostons Best Bark Worthy Pet Bakery

(Photo Credit: Cause to Paws)

Cause to Paws certainly does create a pause worthy moments with their selection of homemade gourmet pet friendly baked goods. They carry a wide variety of products from Pizza Slices to Martinis – including wheat and corn free items and never ever any  preservatives You may even be tempted to take a bite or two!

audrey Bostons Best Bark Worthy Pet Bakery

(Photo Credit: Audry's Boston)

Audrey’s has it going on in all the pet services categories even indulgent doggie treats! Brittany, the owner runs a true family style business, and in her opinion your pet is just as much a part of the family as anyone else. No matter what tasty goodies you are looking to bestow upon your pup, they have it – and if they don’t no need to fret. They will special order any brand and flavor that your pet desires. To top off their awesomeness, they’ll even deliver. Unless lifting heavy bags of dog food is your thing of course.

web Bostons Best Bark Worthy Pet Bakery

(Photo Credit: Animal Spirit)

Looking to spoil your pet without having them pack on the pounds? Animal Spirit in Cambridge is loved by pets and owners alike for their huge selection of all natural, organic, puppy treats. So it’s okay if you go a little overboard, it’s good for them. we all need a special little pick me up every once in a while.

Now pick which one of these sweet spots fits your bill and let your pooch dig in!

Lauren is a Boston area transplant trying to figure out life in the city after graduating from art school.Read more of her pursuits on her blog,PacknPlay.