Boston’s Best Artistic Photographers

October 29, 2012 4:00 AM


Boston has a wealth of talented photographers. Some are students, and some are professionals. While they all can claim skill in the field, not all can be said to be artistic. Taking a photo and turning it into a work of art is more than just capturing life on film. It is capturing the impressions that the artist gets from life, the beauty she sees in her subjects and the story he thinks a photo can tell. The following photographers are more than just people who take pictures; they are artists.
narcissus Bostons Best Artistic Photographers

(Photo Credit: Patrick Lentz Photography)

Patrick Lentz
South End
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 605-1054

At first glance, Patrick Lentz is a head-shot photographer. His web page is full of head shots. A closer look shows that he does body shots as well, capturing the human body in aesthetically pleasing poses. Dig even deeper and it becomes clear Patrick Lentz does a little bit of everything. His surrealistic photographic works are vivid, sometimes making use of an obvious non-sequitur and sometimes shifting reality just enough to blend the beauty of the surreal and the real.

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anthony colella Bostons Best Artistic Photographers

(Photo Credit: Anthony Colella)

Anthony Colella
555 Washington St. 33r
Wellesley, Ma 02482
(781) 431-1658

Anthony Colella does a lot of portrait photography. He certainly has a knack for capturing personality for senior year photographs. However, he also does some amazing artistic pieces and artistic wedding photographs. He has a knack for choosing the absolute best background for an artistic photograph. Sometimes it starkly contrasts the foreground, other times it quietly trails off into the back, so the subject of the photo is the focus.

ilene perlman Bostons Best Artistic Photographers

(Photo Credit: Ilene Perlman)

Ilene Perlman
P.O. Box 8331
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 308-7508

Ilene Perlman is primarily an event photographer and photojournalist. When it comes to photographs, her purpose is to tell a story in a beautiful or touching way. Nonetheless, Perlman has some fine art photography in her collection. She does collages, still life and impressionist photographs that use color, light, dark, shadows and more to tell a story in a different way than her primary work does.

99 Bostons Best Artistic Photographers

(Photo Credit:

Stephen Scott Passarelli
Chicago/Boston/Charlotte/New York
United States
(888) 933-8477

Passarelli’s reputation does him justice. Well known as one of the best photographers out of Boston, this experienced, world-traveling artist is a hot commodity. His talent and professionalism have made him a big-event photographer, even doing shots of celebrities. Not the paparazzi kind. However, when he is not taking the perfect portrait, he is making art. In fact, one might even say some of his event photographs are art. He does a magnificent job of placing his subjects as if they are living art.

992 Bostons Best Artistic Photographers


Brittney Love 
133 Elm Street Apt A
Hatfield, MA 01038
(941) 815-1220

Brittney Love works with her spouse Shana Perry at Love + Perry Photography. The two focus on weddings. On their off time, the two do artistic projects together as well. Love’s “Flying and Falling” photo series makes amazing use of editing, light, clouds, color, fabric and props to tell a fairytale-worthy story. She also does artistic work with Perry, such as their “Controlling the Base” science fiction series of photos. That series makes heavy use of photoshop and all of the tricks it has to offer.

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