Boston Area’s Best Ice Cream Stands

May 30, 2011 11:20 AM


When the weather is warm, there’s something deeply satisfying about a heaping cone of ice cream at an old-school outdoor stand. While you can find ice cream on practically every corner in the summer, here are a few local spots that stand out. Where’s your favorite place to get ice cream? Leave a comment in the section below.

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kimballwestford Boston Area’s Best Ice Cream Stands


Website & ReviewsKimball’s has been around since 1939 and offers more than 40 flavors of ice cream. The lines may be long, but that’s because families come back year, after year, after year. The Westford location has grown into a family amusement center, with mini-golf, a driving range, bumper boats, batting cages and a country store. In Carlisle you’ll find the simplicity of an ice cream stand with a beautiful view.

whitesicecream Boston Area’s Best Ice Cream Stands


More than 60 flavors are made right on site at White Farms Ice Cream in Ipswich. The seasonal stand has been attracting customers since 1953. Among their flavors, White Farms has sugar free selections and several kinds of sherbet. Customers say the sizes may surprise you; the small may be more than enough. Just look for the cow on the roof. There is now a Sal’s Pizza attached right next door.

ranq Boston Area’s Best Ice Cream Stands


Website & ReviewsRancatore’s was founded in 1985 in Belmont Center. Since then, Joe Rancatore has also opened a location in Lexington. What customers love best about this place is its chocolate – both the chocolate ice cream and the hot fudge. The flavors here are off the beaten path – saffron city, gingersnap molasses, khulfi, zagnut, mango cream – which is exactly what keeps families coming back again and again for their favorites.

richardsons2keep Boston Area’s Best Ice Cream Stands


Website & ReviewsRichardson’s certainly has a history. The family-run dairy farm was founded in 1695, but it wasn’t until 1952 that the family started making and serving ice cream. As you might expect for ice cream made on a dairy farm, Richardson’s ice cream has 16 percent butterfat. They also serve low fat yogurt, sugar free flavors, sherbet and sorbet. Their expansion into wholesale means you can enjoy Richardson’s ice cream at restaurants, other ice cream stands, or take home a half gallon from the grocery store.

bedfordfarms Boston Area’s Best Ice Cream Stands


Step up to the window and order from more than 60 flavors at Bedford Farms. The farm was founded at the end of the 1800s, but didn’t start serving ice cream to customers until the 1950s. Known for its large servings, generation after generation returns to order up a tasty treat. In addition to their ice cream, Bedford Farms has a selection of frozen yogurt flavors. In 2008 they opened a second location in Concord.

capecodcreamery Boston Area’s Best Ice Cream Stands


This is one of the newer ice cream spots on the Cape, but it’s getting rave reviews. It’s won many awards in its short life, and people rave about the creaminess of the ice cream. The flavors are cleverly named for places on the Cape, and they also offer gelato.