Best Dance Studios On The North Shore And In Merrimack Valley

May 9, 2013 6:00 AM

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While there are plenty of places to dance and kick up your heels within the Boston area, it can be a bit trickier tracking down the best dance studios outside of the city. On the North Shore and in Merrimack Valley, however, places where everything from classic ballroom dancing to the slickest modern moves can be learned, practiced and mastered in a matter of weeks do exist! Here are some of the best bets for your buck north of the city.
(Photo from Agnes Strecker Dance Studio)

(Photo from Agnes Strecker Dance Studio)

Agnes Strecker Dance Studio
172 Beach St.
Revere, MA 02151
(781) 284-9787

Agnes Strecker Dance Studio is a one-stop-shop for dance and fitness fanatics alike, offering up plenty of yoga, zumba and pilates classes alongside their dance registration for such varied styles as ballet, ballroom and adaptive dance, with free classes available for children with special needs. Speaking of children, Agnes Strecker Dance Studio is also notable for offering family style registration options for adults and children, which means families of all ages and sizes can’t get in on the act, whether for hobby, culture or exercise! It’s a very solid combination.

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(Photo from Studio Rhythms)

(Photo from Studio Rhythms)

Studio Rhythms
North Gate Shopping Center
232 S. Main St.
Middleton, MA 01949
(978) 604-9275

Although the idea of a shopping center dance studio may seem a bit odd at first, Studio Rhythms in Revere prides itself on the trademark of “ditch the workout––join the party. This studio focuses first and foremost on the fun aspect within all of its dance classes, most of which focus upon the Latin-inspired fitness dance style known as Zumba. Studio Rhythms makes fitness into a party, often organizing Zumba events for Downs Syndrome charities and more, giving back to the community while giving its members a fun, high energy way to be active and stretch their Zumba skills to the limit!

(Photo from North Shore Pole Fitness)

(Photo from North Shore Pole Fitness)

Champion’s Dance Studio
165 Chelsea St.
Everett, MA 02149
(617) 387-4215

The one reservation so many first time students have when it comes to the often frightening proposition of dance lessons is the judgement or ridicule of others, a phobia which even the most well adjusted of folks likely possess. Luckily for them, Champion’s Dance Studio in Everett has earned rave reviews from its customers for the relaxed, friendly and patient instructor staff, all of whom fit within the studio’s family friendly atmosphere with ease. Ballroom dancing, waltzing, jazz dance and the classic foxtrot are only a few of the styles of dance offered here at Champion’s, one of the best bets for studios in Everett and beyond.

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(Photo from Champion’s Dance Studio)

(Photo from Champion’s Dance Studio)

North Shore Pole Fitness
16 Haverhill St.
Andover, MA 01810
(978) 884-6823

North Shore Pole Fitness in Andover, Mass. practices the best of both worlds when it comes to dance and fitness, offering sexy pole dancing classes which combine physical fitness with cabaret-style striptease to create a fun and lighthearted way to burn up calories and the dance floor! Deals for North Shore Pole Fitness show up often on Groupon, as well, which makes this place an affordable and fun way to try something new while getting fit at the same time. Friendly instructors and a spacious dance hall make this one a recommended bet.

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