98.5 The Sports Hub Search For Boston’s Next Weekend Co-Host Auditions: Manchester, NH

June 21, 2013 7:10 AM

Contestants audition for a chance to be a weekend co-host on 98.5 The Sports Hub. (Photo by Justin Opiechowski)


Do you have what it takes to be a weekend co-host on 98.5 The Sports Hub? Many showed up at Billy’s Sports Bar and Grill in Manchester, NH to prove they have what it takes. Take a listen to the contestants that stepped up to the mic.


June 20th Manchester, NH

Eric Hansen, Patrick McCaffeay, Mano Viola, Andrew Wright, Mike Grabowski, Joseph Hegarty, Sarah Kelly, Ben Altsher, Jonathan Shepard, Cameron Lavallee

Daniel Smith, Timothy Westphal, Bryan Ricciardi, Paul Driscoll, Michael Marcangelo, Christopher Merrow, Michael King, Griffin Cordes, Joshua Canu, Joe Campisi

Tom Frost, Todd Sople, Dave Carignan, Tim Fortier, Richard Lasher, Kristian Svindland, Evan Bedell, Jo Spence, Christopher Renn, David James

Trevor Rancourt, Matthew Morin, Rob Hunter, Ethan Lapierre, Corinne O’Connell, Ryan Eisele, Susan Mansor, Kyle Smart, Christopher Agresti

Greg Parker, Ryan Maurice, Todd Parker, Jay Petros, Ryan Loyce, James Kelley, Nathaniel Goodrich, Andrew Lull, Jacob Heaphy, Albert Jernigan, James McIntyre, Sean Corrigan